Get FREE sugar mummy hookups if you have an email address

Sugar boys! I am running a limited offer on this blog where you will be able to access cougar phone numbers and hookups for FREE. Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true. But I will explain to you how it works.

By the way, this is a deal which I have arranged with advertisers in my niche. They will be compensating me the hookup fee as long as you sign up in their websites for free. This will not cost you any money since all you have to do is click the banner and sign up for free.

How it works

You’ve probably seen banners on this blog asking you to click them and get free sugar mummies from me.

Now, the good news is that these advertisers pay me a small fee for every sign up. This is pretty much the same amount as the fee I have been charging for cougar hookups on this website.

What this means is that instead of you paying me Ksh500 to get connections, you will be clicking the banners and signing up with the website that you will be redirected to.

Basically, the banners will lead you to an adult/porn site where you will sign up for FREE using your name and email. Then you have to confirm your sign up/membership, and that’s it.

Once you sign up, you can send me an email alerting me that you’ve already signed up so that I can proceed to processing your hookup request. But you also have to describe the kind of woman you want.

This is good news because hookup fee of ksh500 has automatically been eliminated due this this arrangement with advertisers You no longer have to pay me Ksh500 to get hookups from me.