Sugar mummy hookups for Ksh1,500

Hi everyone,

First, I have realized that some readers here don’t trust me hence they will engage me in very many endless questions that only wastes my time.

If you don’t trust me with your money, please keep off because I don’t engage in silly games like other websites do. I hate to ignore people when they send their names and location in search for sugar mummy.

Anyway, I am showing up again after a long long time. As you might have suspected, I started Nightattendant blog to chronicle my experience in the adult industry. I do not want to do anything illegal here. I also don’t encourage young boys seeking sugar mamas at this time — they need to learn how to fish first. So this section is only for the mature.

When I hear people asking for sugar mamas so they can ”eat” their money, it often sinks my heart.

If you’re looking for a wealthy, pretty 40-something woman because you want to drive her car and enjoy her money, then you’re gonna have a hard time on this planet as a man.

You see, men were created to fend for themselves and their families. You have to know how to catch your own fish first.

Anyway, enough of this blubbering.

The thing is, if you want a sugar mama, I shall first give you tips on how to get one. If you fail, then you can compensate my efforts and I shall secure one for you.

I will only ask for Ksh1,500 hookup fee if you insist on meeting me in person or Ksh1,000 if you trust me enough to pay me through mpesa.

Most people want free things, right?

That’s not gonna work anywhere in this planet. Grease my hand and I do it for you in less than a week’s time.

Believe me, in my career as a journalist, I have explored every corner of this city. I have interacted with the ugliest and also finest-looking wealthy business women.

Would you believe it when I told you that I have Josphene Kabura’s personal phone number with me?

I know she has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But I met her way back, even before she could make news.

For some reasons, I believe my personality tends to favour me most of the time. You see, am this kind of an outgoing guy. I talk to everyone who comes my way. I also hang out in the right places at the right time, thus I am able to meet at least 5 women every week. Of the 5 women, 3 will always have a posh car and a home in the upscale side of Nairobi. I don’t want to go into details, you know? This is a sensitive matter.

But it turns out that a lot of people are now asking me to help them find a sugar mummy. Just like I stated, I shall give you my tips. If you fail, pay my services and I will hook you up instantly. Fair and square!!