Rules for Contacting me

I created this page to facilitate communication between us. Below this post is a survey which you must fill and send your hookup fee in advance for me to proceed with your request.

However, if you are not comfortable with my fee or mode of payment, do not bother me. Just leave me alone.

Secondly, if you think I will disappear with your money, take your time and read the testimonials and comments on this site. If still not convinced, do not bother me with questions asking me to prove that I am genuine. I have no time for silly chit chats, and anyone who will ignore these things will automatically get ignored!!!

Please note

I charge Ksh1000 for all types of hookup services. Payment must be sent to my Mpesa since it’s convenient for me. However, if you are not comfortable with this mode of payment, please do not bother me. I ain’t a thief to steal your money and disappear.

Check testimonials and comments on this site to ascertain my credibility.

Hookup takes 20 minutes at most, so be patient after sending your money. However, you can send me a text message if you don’t get feedback within this time.

I will automatically ignore jokers anyways. Jokers are people who:

  • Ignore my survey below and instead proceed to call or text me with numerous questions
  • People who send greeting messages when the steps for getting hookup are right below

If you’re still with me, good. I can gauge how serious you are in  pursuing Kenyan sugar mummies through my help.

So these are the steps: Fill the survey before sending money to me!!


Be truthful with your choices below as they will influence my decision to hook you up. The rights to decline your request remain with me. I am not obliged to give reasons as to why I declined your request for hookup. And in that case, your money will be refunded instantly.

Do not participate in the survey if you’re not ready for immediate hookup or if you’re not comfortable with my mode of payment which is obviously through Mpesa


If you have selected the appropriate choices above, make payment to my personal Safaricom line on 0705538867. Do not call or send me any text message without answering the survey above.

Please note that this survey is what I shall use when matching you with the right person. I am monitoring everyone who answers this survey, and I believe that it covers every burning question that you might have concerning my hookup service.

Once you make your payment, I will call you immediately to give you directions.



80 thoughts on “Rules for Contacting me

  1. peter kiambati says:

    Well here you seem to be doing it right,but when I look for survey I can’t find the survey to fill.
    Send the link to my email that may fill the survey


    • Admin says:

      what do you mean you can’t see it when it’s on this page. You must be too lazy, huh! Or perhaps you’re using a mulika mwizi to browse this site, which is why you can’t find some things


  2. muturi says:

    Thanks admin. I met the woman today and I must say she’s really gorgeous. I have dropped you another 1k as a tip in your mpesa. Confirm when you receive. You are the best. thanks buddy.


  3. Jaber Akwee says:

    Hi Admin

    I’ve noticed that your blog is primarily for hook ups with sugarmummies for young men. I am however a considerably young and gorgeous woman looking to get hitched with fine well monied men who are willing to pay for my time, roaming the streets at night is not really my cup of tea so I opt to ask if you can come in handy with clients of this nature…TIA


  4. Alfred says:

    Thanks a thousand times admin. I followed your directions and everything went according to plan. Tomorrow I shall tip you ksh2,000 for the good work.


  5. Hapo sawa says:

    I WAS INTRIGUED BY THE REVIEWS, so i sent my fee. I must say he was really quick and honest. I was looking for directions on how to access this secret sugar mummy meetup in Lavington. I was picked at 5pm and things went according to plan. Am now a member and i earn good money by the way. I think this is the best thing that ever happened in my life. stay blessed!


  6. Tony Odhis says:

    Hi Admin,thumbs up to the work you are doing connecting and setting guys up.I wanted to know if you do friends with benefits hookups sort of thing and if you have a younger clientele 20 -35(chicks)?


  7. Koch says:

    Admin, stop ignoring my messages please. I have 2 friends whom you helped in finding a sugarmummy. I also need your help please. How can I pay your fee for heaven sake?


  8. Daniel says:

    Hi admin, I have 2 friends who told me that they got a wealthy sugar mom in Kileleshwa through your hookup service. I have also heard that you are the only reputable hookup service in Kenya right now. I text you the other day but you ignored me. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I wanted you to confirm whether you accept mpesa payments. Thanks and stay blessed


    • Admin says:

      Hi Dan. sometimes i ignore text messages depending on how busy I am. But you can try again as i may have lost access to that message


  9. pato says:

    This guy is a very honest person. I was almost crying when I sent him the Ksh1000 he was asking for. To my surprise, he got back to me, I think in 10 minutes, with more details. I was looking to get connections to this cougar lounge thing so I may interact with several sugar moms. He gave me directions and organized for my pickup. I still need to appreciate you some more man!!


  10. Frances Elliott Elliott says:

    Am here again after a successful connection. Am here to give my testimonial and also say thank you for the job well done. I was wondering if we can set up a date so I may reward you even more because what you have done to me is more than what I paid. I really need to appreciate you some more this weekend bro.


  11. patrick Joseph says:

    Hi admin, I’ll be arriving in Nairobi on 20th of April this month before heading to Addis Ababa one week later. I was referred to you by a friend who came over last year to Kenya and was pleased with your hookup services. I am in no need of a sugar mummy. What I need is a cute, slim girl which I can spend time with during my stay in Kenya. My budget for this girl is $1000 dollars. I will pay you $300 if you agree. Looking forward to your reply, thanks.


  12. andy says:

    Hey admin, am glad that it worked. Last week tulipatana according to your instructions. She picked me up somewhere along Tom Mboya, and all is history. I think my life will change now considering that this lady is well-off, generous, and very sweet in bed. I would definitely refer you to friends.


  13. Sammy says:

    Am really looking for a sugar mummy just to be in love and have something little in my pocket. To be honest am a refugee living in a hard life


  14. martin says:

    hi am martin 31yrs single in nairobi, i need a sugarmummy i will give her all ma time n energy whenever she needs contact me +254721979550


    • Admin says:

      Don’t post your number here if you need my help. Follow the due process please, otherwise, I have the right to ignore your request.


  15. Brian Lorenzo says:

    I can make you bust and feel you with all my styles don’t be scared of my dick its just normal like others sweet mwaaaah


  16. raphael simiyu says:

    m raphael simiyu.Born 1991 m in ruaka,bt home town s kitale transzoia county.4rom luhyia community.Looking 4asugarlady who s afta bed 4lod by ata thingx,god fearing,christian n caring.i simiyu nt afta fine thee moni bt 4lf.ready 2hiv taxted,hav confidenz in our life,mt b pleya atall,nt unrespectful lady.M respectful guy.joblez 4more handset 0713981116.


    • francis juma says:

      I love this life admin. We met with this woman at Java mama ngina street. She paid our coffee and later I ended up at her place. She is willing to give me everything so long as I sleep with her when she needs sex. I thought it was a dream at first. Thanks a million times admin. I am willing to promote you so that my brothers who keep losing money to conmen out there can finally find rest. I thank you for putting up such a great and honest blog.


  17. theophillus says:

    God Bless you for the good work. Am actually staying with her, driving her car, eating her food and squandering her money. Am addicted to this kind of life. Thanks Admin.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. caleb says:

    Thanks admin. I have been looking for a beautiful and wealthy woman for almost 6 years without success. But when I came here, things changed and am grateful. I will be relocating to Nairobi soon cause the lady lives in Muthaiga and she needs me at least during the weekends. I am so thankful for your honesty. Keep up the good work and you will be blessed. Life is now a lot easier. Cheers!!

    Liked by 1 person

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