The Crippled Missing Shoe Shiner & Troubles

Dear Medina, My problems got cray the moment you left me last week. There's at least 3 illicit women who have been trying to impersonate you... I think! You see, the moment you left me, I lost all hope of ever writing or even calling you.... then comes 3 of you at once...!! If this … Continue reading The Crippled Missing Shoe Shiner & Troubles

Why A Fat Policeman Could Not Arrest Me

Random news: Last week i was coming from the office, driving, some minutes to 4pm, i think.....i landed an IT position at an old white man's firm located at Gigiri, you know this place called Warwick center? There's a lot of construction going on lately around Agakhan hospital area. A section of that stretch is being renovated, so cars have to queue in traffic jam, the length of a Kibera cargo train.