java restaurant nairobi sex and masturbation stories

Masturbating inside Restaurants

Hello dear, I have this thing that is disturbing me. Whenever I am sited in a table of 4 people, I always imagine my face looking like someone who loves masturbating inside restaurants. You know those high-end restaurants in Nairobi that smell of coffee all the time? I don't know, but I can't avoid this … Continue reading Masturbating inside Restaurants

Mini skirts and Nairobi prostitutes

Church Heathen In Our House!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, There's nothing as sweet as having a girl-buddy called Dee Dee who is also a Malaya (as in, that is how Malaysia used to be called). Please do some Google research. So today, let us dedicate this post to Dee Dee and friends. I have less than 4 minutes to rush … Continue reading Church Heathen In Our House!

Java coffee house with blind date

Java Coffee House Blind Date With Teens!

How are you? I heard that you developed a bad stomachache due to food poisoning. I also heard that you ate pork for the first time in your life, which was in addition to roadside mutura, roasted maize, and bone marrow soup! The doctor who warned you against eating lactose-rich foods is the same doctor … Continue reading Java Coffee House Blind Date With Teens!