Why Kenyan Sugar Mummies Want Even More Sex!

Researchers have exaggerated how growing older comes with the disadvantage of seeing sex as a burden.

Consequently, the society has picked it up and stuffed it in the heads of both men and women as the gospel truth.

If you are a 20-something year old woman, you would easily believe that sex is not enjoyable when you’re 50 and above.

I remember when I was young and my dad noticed that I was mingling with women. He would scold me, and one of the things he’d mention is that I’d one day get tired of sex, hence there was no need to take things fast.

My dad came from such a conservative background, and this explains why he thought than a man and a woman who are spending time together were most definitely having sex.

Furthermore, another neighbor who was 52 at the time used to frustrate her husband whenever he tried grabbing her in a suggestive way.

She used to tell me that there was no need to start fantasizing on women this early since I had all the time with women, and that I would also eventually get tired of sex.

In the real sense, these two adults (my dad and our neighbor) were somehow right.

This is because I usually see older Kenyan women getting bored with sex and even finding excuses just to starve their husbands.

When their hubbies make sexual advances, they shove them in anger, reminding them that they are not newly weds.

Perhaps this is the reason why experts have said that once a woman reaches menopause, they will suffer waning sex drive because of hormonal issues, which isn’t exactly true.

If indeed women don’t enjoy sex in their mature ages, why do you think celebrities like Madonna who are currently 58 yrs old are still rocking and having a time of their life with toy boys?

madonna sugar mummy finding Kevin his toyboy

Kevin Sampaio shares a steamy kiss with her girlfriend Madonna/picture courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Honestly, if older women didn’t want sex, then it would have been impossible for Madonna to romantically get involved with this boy.

Things seems to be contradicting what researchers say because the more women grow older, the more randier they become.

Kenyan sugar mummies are looking for young men left right and center because they believe that young men can satisfy their sexual desires as opposed to older men.

In fact, it could be possible that once a woman hits 50 and above, her sex drive skyrockets.

The following might be the reasons why Kenyan sugar mummies are actively looking for men

Most Kenyan sugar mummies at 50 have some sort of freedom

Most women who find themselves hunting for toyboys in Kenya are either single, divorced or married but cheating on their spouses.

If they are single, they have total freedom because they have nothing to worry about.

If they got kids, chances are that these kids are all grown-ups, and their mom has nothing to worry about as far as taking care of her kids’ welfare is concerned.

And even if they are divorced, most sugar mummies will have more time to themselves. So why not use that time to search for toyboys who will satisfy them?

Finally, there’s this lot of married women who are wealthy and are still rolling around with toyboys.

The rationale here is that they are 50-something years old and their sex drive is so high than their older spouses can never satisfy them in bed.  Their solution: Nairobi toyboys.

Kenyan sugar mummies don’t worry about getting pregnant

Truth be told, most women prefer skin to skin intercourse. Condoms can kill the mood — for a woman, although it is never a big deal for some men.

Now, women who are still within the age bracket for conceiving always have to use condoms during sex because, even though the experience doesn’t feel the same, they fear potentially becoming pregnant when they are not ready for a baby yet.

So while all young women are enjoying their lives, they all look forward to a stage when they will not have to be bothered by the pains and inconveniences of monthly periods, pads and condoms.

For those who are 45 and above, they must be having a blast as far as their sexual lives are concerned.

Also, 40-50 is still considered a delicate period or an ”anxiety point” since most women can fall pregnant even at 45.

However, the moment they become menopausal, the worry just disappears and sex begins to have its thrill once again.

That’s according to a Professor Margaret E. Wierman, MD University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Older women know what they want at this age

Sugar mummies in the ages of 45 going onward are no longer in a learning curve.

They know what to expect, and are not shy when it comes to receiving and giving sex.

It’s even much more fun for women who are fortunate enough to have got their first husbands whom they married (now that divorce statistics are skyrocketing by the day). These couples know each others’ bodies well.

But if a woman is divorced or widowed, then it could mean a time to start dating again because love does not recognize age.

Maybe a woman might want to get herself a toyboy who will bring her excitement., just the same way she felt when she first met her would-be husband as a young woman.

To cut a long story short, let’s make reference to a statement made by Dr. Wierman which says that women become less inhibited as they grow older.

This means that the age of 50 and above is often a time of relaxation and being comfortable with one’s personality. This phase of a woman’s life often improves their sexual functions as well as performance…. hence the reason why Kenyan sugar moms will always look for young men to address this need.

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