Kenya Sugar Mummy: are they generous? Here’s how to be rich

Now that we are done with how to find a sugar mummy in Kenya whether you’re in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru or any other major town in the country, it’s time to look into other things such as — how to make more money from a sugar mummy when you eventually find one since I can help you do that.

You see, I always tell men that if they want to make more money from influential women in the society who also happen to be their sugar mummies, they need to play their cards well.

This often begins by first understanding what the relationship requires of them.

It starts with knowing what these women want in a man. If you can fit their description of the ideal man they want, they won’t have qualms dishing out their money to you and whatever else you may need.

A sugar mummy is basically an older, wealthy woman who is either single or divorced and is looking for a young, sophisticated man who can take her to the moon by making love to her and showing her the things which she experienced back then when she was a girl.

On the other hand, even young women can be sugar mummies. I have met several young ladies in Kenya between the ages of 27-35 who are rich and are willing to keep a man if only that man will bring them to organism each time they have an intercourse.

sugar mom Kenya dating Mombasa, Nairobi

Photo of a random woman I took on the beach

To get to understand what Kenyan sugar mummies generally need, you would look at a typical description of what they are looking for even before considering the option of dating them.

sugar mummy Kenya, Nairobi dating cougar women, rich women

Ramah is her name. She is a wealthy business woman who lives in Nairobi and is always in need of young men

Here’s a perfect example of an email that arrived in my inbox a few days ago:

Note: I have replaced her name for privacy reasons. Let’s call her Jessica.

Kenya sugar mummy

Jesicca’s photo

Hi there. My name is Jessica and am a business woman who is doing extremely well.

My ex hubby lives in Germany, plus I have a son who always travels to see him during the holidays.

I am not a travel person, although the nature of my job forces me to sometimes.

Again, traveling only becomes fun for me when I am in the company of someone.

I love dancing and watching movies (so you see how things can go when we are two of us).

Also, I don’t know how to swim. But I’d be willing to learn if I get a young man who is willing to teach me.

What I need is a young man who is confident and real. I need someone who knows how to behave in public. Besides, this man must be really nice and willing to travel so as to make it enjoyable for me too.

Basically, this woman is looking for someone who can make her happy. If you read the entire note, you realize that this woman has everything, except she is lacking romance.

So if you can give her what she wants, it will be easier for her to bankroll your lifestyle. If you want to go to holiday in Dubai, fine, no problem because she will fund it.

If you want to go to London or Brazil like I did a few years ago, no problem. That wish is fulfilled.

However, there are things that you ought to know and do to any sugar mummy, whether she lives in Kenya or in any part of the world.

Here’s what you need to learn as far as dating Sugar mummies in Kenya is concerned

Don’t come across as a gold digger

Obviously you and me know that a sugar mummy relationship in Kenya is an arrangement where you exchange your time and companionship with money and gifts.

However, making it obvious is a relationship killer. This is not prostitution where you ask money upfront before any service can exchange hands by the way.

But it’s always okay to make it clear why you need this type of a relationship.

You see, there is a difference between saying ”I need a sugar mummy to love and take care of me.” rather than saying ”how much will you be paying for my time if you will have me as a toy boy?”

You get the idea? The thing is that you should never come across as being interested in her wealth. Show genuine interest in the person first and money will automatically follow suit.

Watch what you say during your early days of getting to know your Kenyan sugar mummy

You are the man. However, talking too much or exposing stuff that is unnecessary will most likely put her off.

You don’t want to come across as winning about how life is unfair or how you are always broke etc.

Don’t even get to your life history because you will come across as a baggage.

Sugar moms in Kenya don’t find such people attractive by the way. So if you have financial problems, please keep them away until a suitable time.

Even then, you should never look or sound desperate as if you can’t live your own life without her funding.

Let the 2 of you clarify terms

Before you search the phrase ”Sugar Mummy Kenya” on Google, understand that this is an arrangement that is akin to a contract.

When a man is in this type of relationship, they are entitled to what we call ”allowances”.

As a fuck boy or a toy boy, you need a certain amount of money assigned to you besides gifts and numerous trips to exotic islands.

Monthly allowance is fine because this is how you buy your clothes, pay your rent etc.

But remember our first point dude. Money talk should be touched after, probably the fourth or fifth date with your Kenyan sugar mummy.

If she has not brought it up yet, you will need to engage her in this kind of conversation.

As long as you are expressing genuine interest on her, she won’t feel offended. So take the opportunity and let her clarify to you what you will be benefiting from this kind of arrangement.

If she has money, she will likely be your boss

A Kenyan sugar mummy who is loaded with money will most likely be demanding and even arrogant sometimes.

If this woman shows signs of arrogance, never try to challenge her.  You either show your balls and be independent or coil your tail behind your legs.

We are being honest like real men. You see, if your balls really mattered, you wouldn’t look for a woman to take care of you.

My point is, don’t get defensive. Rather than challenge her, pacify her. Act as a loving person all the time. And if she offends you, there is always a way of passing this message across without sounding rude or disrespectful.

If you can follow these tips on how to find and handle a Kenyan sugar mummy, you are good to go.

A sugar mom in Kenya is willing to shower you with money and gifts. Just play by the rules because your balls don’t matter if you are the one being funded.


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