Sugar Mummy dating in Kenya and why young men struggle finding women who are well-off

Apart from the fact that you are too shy to approach more mature women, you also don’t believe that you got what it takes to convince them of your ability to fulfill their sexual desires… that’s my opinion though as far as dating a sugar mummy in Kenya is concerned.

No doubt, Kenyan sugar mummies are one of the most intimidating lot of women to approach in the world.

It is often perceived that a young man must be bold enough to approach a rich older woman.

However, this is not always the case. Kenyan sugar mummies could make you sweat your ball. But this does not mean that you don’t have a chance of getting one.

Sure, you might get this cold look when you put your confidence together and walk up to a woman who is seemingly well-off in terms of finances.

Most of the time, you will come across as a stranger that shouldn’t be trusted. It’s the reason they give you that ugly look.

It’s also one of the reasons why a rich Kenyan woman who is obviously looking for a younger man to date will reject you, despite her burning desire to find a man who will satisfy her sexual appetite.

The psychology of Kenyan sugar mummies

A rich 40-something yr old is not very different from a young girl who puts themselves out there on the dating scenes for men to see her.

kenyan sugar mummy

This is Nina Karanja. I met her in Malindi last year. She is not available as she is already hooked up

One thing you have to understand is that they are all looking for a potential mate, although it will never look obvious.

After all, mature women don’t consider desperate would-be partners attractive. Coming across as desperate  is never a cool thing to do. That is why sugar mummies will rarely approach men.

By the way, a man has to make the first move as long as the target is a woman, and that’s where most young men seeking sugar mummy dating opportunities fail.

Instead, they wait, praying very hard and hoping that the woman will make the move or at least show them signs that they are single and searching.

Generally, all women communicate with body language when they are in need of a partner, and this includes sugar mummies in Kenya as well.

If indeed a would-be sugar mummy wants a young man whom they are presently sharing the same space with, say in a clubbing hall or a restaurant, her first method of communication will be eye contact.

If you wonder why you keep locking eye contact with the woman seated on the opposite side of the table, you now have the answer.

This woman is essentially communicating with you in a subtle way, and it’s your turn to make a move. How? You ask.

Well, if you need step-by-step guide on how to deal with this awkward situation, buy my e-book here which consists of the methods I use to tackle all situations that sugar mummies in Kenya usually present to me.

That e-book will definitely open your eyes since it gives useful tips and steps to follow when such a woman keeps directing her eyes towards you.

At the moment, you only need to realize that all woman are somehow the same when it comes to dating.

They all think the same, and you can only exploit this weakness to your advantage if you recon that all women were somehow wired the same way.

Also, when you approach such a woman, don’t be intimidated just because she has more money than you do.

That’s nothing to fear or get intimidated of. Even if she drives the latest Mercedes or BMW vehicle, you should realize that you are the man and she is the woman. Nothing changes that fact, not even her wealth.

And if you appear desperate or somehow intimidated because of her cologne, how she dresses or how she speaks, you will quickly lose the game.

My experience in the sugar mummy dating scenes has taught me that mature woman know how to read the minds of young men.

Ironically, young men who are supposed to be their hunters are somehow oblivious of this fact, hence the reason why they struggle to catch the prey — which in this case is the sugar mummy.

How to up your game to match the intelligence of a Kenyan sugar mummy

The truth is that older women are out there, looking for young men who can satisfy them.

Sugar mummies

This is Joan: We met during my trip to Atlanta early 2017

The other truth is that they are way intelligent that the men who are supposed to hunt them.

However, the good news is that there is always a way round this challenge, and any man who takes their game to the next level will finally harvest the fruit without getting scammed.

Your confidence is your ultimate weapon to getting a sugar mummy in Kenya.

If you lack confidence, you can practice it at home. Stand in front of your mirror and practice speaking with confidence.

Pretend that you are speaking with a sugar mummy or a woman who is older than you are.

You have to visualize her seated in front of you and giving you that dazzled look as if she is studying your face.

Don’t let your mind think negatively or of the fact that she might be under-estimating your intelligence.

Whether or not this is true is not your business. However, it’s your business to show confidence as I will teach you in my e-book so that you can learn what am talking about and how to implement it.

So next time am doing an experiment by taking you with me to Nairobi cougar lounge, I’d like to hang out with mature men who have taken my course and are ready to implement what I teach.

Yes, sugar mummies in Kenya are mostly wealthy women. But don’t get intimidated.

After all, all women want confident men. So give her an easy time and I guarantee that she will sort you out financially.

I don’t think sugar mummies fancy hanging out with shy boys. And if that’s the case, you gonna have to work on your self-esteem.

That way, I promise you that you will truly enjoy the benefit of keeping one in your life.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how fortunate I have been with these relationships.

The first time I flew on a plane out of this country was on a trip to Dubai which was fully sponsored by a white sugar mummy I met in Mombasa.

The second time I flew out of the country was in 2014. I traveled to Brazil to witness the World Cup. Again, my expenses were fully catered for by a sugar mummy whom I met in Nairobi.

Those are just a few of the advantages of keeping a rich woman in your life. You can join the club only if you want.

I teach boys how to fish. But this is long-term thing since learning doesn’t happen in one day.

That’s the reason I started a parallel hookup service for those who want to get connections immediately rather than learning how to do it on their own.

I only charge Ksh1000 for sugar mummy hookups in Kenya. If you’d like to get involved in any kind of affair with older, rich women, just contact me.


3 thoughts on “Sugar Mummy dating in Kenya and why young men struggle finding women who are well-off

  1. Titus says:

    I love your quick response and kind heart. I have tried very hard to secure a connection with some of the top women in the society but to no avail. I lost money to con artists left right and center.

    Now, when I found this blog, things suddenly changed. I have sent you a tip of Ksh2000 on your Mpesa for the good work. Thanks man


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