How to avoid getting SCAMMED in fake sugar mummy hookup deals

Hi everyone, and I hope you’re doing great. I appreciate your readership here, which is why I always strive to make this website the number 1  sugar mummy hookup blog in Kenya.

Now, it concerns me whenever I receive emails from my subscribers asking me to hook them up because they’ve lost large sums of money before, hence they are not trusting anyone else.

Nevertheless, I want to make one thing clear. That online hookup deals are always risky.

If you don’t know people who are genuine in this business, then chances are that you will never succeed in finding a sugar mummy in Kenya or anywhere else in the world.

So today, I basically want to give you a clear picture of what happens in this industry.

But if you’ve heard a terrible experience in your quest to get a sugar mummy online, you can drop it down in the comment section or ask me to find you one instead.

You’ll be safe with me. Ask those who have done this kind of business with me and they’ll confess the same.

In the meantime, you need to be wary of the many sugar mummy booby traps which lure victims with false promises.

Thieves have since joined this industry, and it’s the reason why some young men have lost hope when it comes to finding hookup deals on the internet.

It’s common for some website on the internet to claim that they are offering an escort opportunity where young men are paid a hefty check just to sleep with women on a short time basis.

But in as much as these things happen in the real world (check my article on secret sugar mummy meetup in Nairobi), finding real opportunities require connections.

If you don’t know somebody, then its a guarantee that you will keep losing money to sugar mummy scams on the internet.

This brings us to this question: how do you establish links that will ensure you get connections with a rich woman?

Well, if you must find a sugar mummy online, do a quick research and list down a couple of sugar mummy hookup websites or dating blogs which purport to offer dating services.

It’s easy to know whether a website is genuine or not. The design of the website will tell you a lot about whether or not the owner of that sugar mummy dating site is serious with their business.

Secondly, if that site doesn’t have a privacy policy of some sort, then chances are that you will find dozens of pictures of rich women who ”are searching for connections through them.

In my opinion, a scam site is one that publishes pictures of ”sugar mummies” without care of potentially getting sued.

Let’s consider this story that was published on Ghafla news site some time ago.

The scammer used the picture of one Francisca Nyamu who is the CEO of Plus Fabulosity to fool his victims.

Luckily, this woman discovered that her photos were being used by this website without her consent, which prompted her to send a warning message to the admin of Kenya Sugar mummies Sponsors, informing them that they would take legal action against them if these photos were not pulled down.

And as you can see, infringing other people’s personal space or portraying them in a manner that could suggest their involvement in this kind of thing could land any admin in trouble.

Therefore, if a hookup site is genuine, they should first seek permission before publishing any photos on the internet.

Private sugar mummy hookup blogs in Kenya that use photos with no regards to the law always risk a fine or penalty in a court of law.

It’s also a sign that the website could be fraudulent, hence you should never send your money to that particular site admin.

Beware of hookup admins who don’t inform you of the total cost upfront

One guy wrote to me just the other day, and he was narrating his ordeal of how he lost money in different stages of the ”hookup process”.

It all started when he came across a Facebook ad which claimed that young men between the ages of 23-30 yrs were needed for purposes of serving older rich women as male escorts.

The ad stated that all applicants would be accepted if they paid a specific sum of money, and that they would make Ksh80,000 for every night spent with a rich sugar mummy.

The registration fee was $3,000, and the deal looked very real. You could easily get lured.

Actually, dozens, if not hundreds of men paid this fee in a desperate move to make 80k that night.

Those who did not have the registration fee were forced to seek loans elsewhere in the hope that they would refund the money by the next day.

Unfortunately,  the ad turned to be a scam, and those who paid the registration fee realized later on after going through the second and third steps.

Basically, the ad requested that applicants should part with Ksh3,000 through mpesa and then follow it with a brief text message stating their details.

What followed was a call from a ”gentleman” who would ask them to make a second payment of Ksh500 in order for these details to be forwarded to the admin Manager.

This came as a surprise because the ad never revealed this fee in advance. Majority paid anyway– just to avoid losing the initial registration fee.

Basically, you had to pay this Ksh500 to avoid forfeiting your chances of carrying on with the process. If you gave up along the way, you were assured of losing your Ksh3,000 because no refunds were being issued in this case.

The first lot paid the Ksh500 only to stumble on a third road block. This time, they were being asked Ksh2,000. That is when most people realized that it was a scam.

The saddest thing is that none of those victims ever recovered their monies. The phone lines of these scammers have since been switched off.

Now, that’s the biggest money-minting scheme that I have ever heard of in this industry.

The good news is — I have started an online hookup service which targets those who don’t want to be duped.

If you’ve been unlucky in the hands of con men who pose as genuine sugar mummy hookup agents, this is your chance to try my service.

You can always drop your comments below with regards to your experience with my service afterwards.


4 thoughts on “How to avoid getting SCAMMED in fake sugar mummy hookup deals

    • Admin says:

      No you can’t. I already disqualified you due to the first two words you used in your comment. I don’t run this blog to try convince anyone.


  1. lawrenceokanda says:

    Hey admin,
    I also need a hook-up
    Im ready to send the cash now but since your a very busy guy
    Let me know if you aint busy so that I can send the cash,
    And if things goes as planed,
    I can also tip you up with some extra cash.
    Kindly get back to me.


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