If you can find a white sugar mummy in Kenya, date her

White sugar mummy dating is a very interesting topic for most young men in Kenya. May be it has some sort of mystery attached to it for those who have never dated one.

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Photo not mine. I can only produce real photos to committed individuals

And for sure, I promise you to the moon and back to the earth that dating a white sugar woman is an experience that is totally different from that of dating a black woman (in my own opinion).

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Why am I saying this?

Well, let’s get back to the topic. I remember sometimes last year when I put up a short survey on my other XXX-rated blog asking men whether they would be willing to date a white sugar mama if given a chance. Majority confirmed what I had suspected. They said yes and that they were willing.

I guess the mystery of dating white older women has to do with the perceived financial incentives that comes with finding one.

By the way, have you ever sat down for a minute to think of the other incentives that would come with having a white woman as your sponsor and fuck mate?

You tell me. But these opinions echo my sentiments, and here’s why I think dating white women should be on top of your agenda list for sugar mummy dating in 2017.

If you hate weaves, good!

This is the route to take if you hate fake hair. African women, more so, Kenyan women are so much into weaves, wigs and other fake hair.

Even if some white women put on weaves, they don’t get them from cheap hair beauty stores which you see around.

If you say, ”Bae♥, make me a sandwich,” you won’t get murdered with a slap!

Am not saying that an African woman will always slap you on the cheek for requesting a sandwich in the morning. But you seriously stand a chance of having a hot slap landing on your cheek.

This is the reason why I am always afraid of Nyeri women. See how one of them chopped off her man’s propeller for staying out late at night.

But thankfully, if the word sandwich ever came out of your mouth and it was directed to your white sugar mummy, you’d be safe.

White women don’t view you as a failure just because you’re sharing a roof with your mom

Now, if you are a grown-up, try styling up by moving out of your mother’s place as soon as now.

The point is, there’s no guarantee that you will ever find a fine white woman. Chances are that women whom you will meet will mostly belong to the African race — may be a Kikuyu, a Kamba or an Asian sugar mummy  (if you’re very lucky). They will judge you for being a failure.

However, if you were dating a white older woman, you’d be safe from any harsh judgement since white women generally don’t mind about your staying with your mother.

Also, if you are to date one, ensure that she is not so much advanced in age. Otherwise, it will come out as if you are dating your grandmother. I hate that feeling by the way, which is why I always go for women who are between 28-40 yrs old.

Material things and glamour don’t matter

Why do you think Lupita Ny’ong’o was selected in the Academy Award? Or better still, why do you think all cameras rolled in the face of Kenya’s Ajuma Nasenyana and was selected as best model of the year at the international fashion world?

My point is, white women love African skin. It is resistant to harsh weather. It is conditioned to naturally repel sunburn, and most importantly, it leaves white women imagining how satisfying it can be to smash a black man.

The thing is, white women are never into material things or money. They are never bothered by the little things that our Kenyan women worship.

And I think that’s a good thing because it opens up doors to an honest relationship where love can truly flourish. Again, this is just my opinion going by my experience of dating one white sugar mama a few years ago.

White women don’t blame you for their problems/setbacks

Unlike black women who have a tendency to nag a man, white women don’t like the act of nagging their lovers. So how much more fan can you have with this woman if she was your sugar mummy?

If her dog failed to take super because you took Konyagi using the dog’s budget, she will not carry it over into your conversations and make things complicated. Although it may bring up issues, it won’t result in a situation where she says ”It’s over”.

And please note: I am not encouraging anyone to misbehave or take advantage of the fact that a white sugar mummy is more tolerant that her black counterpart.

Now, that’s my take on dating white older women. The reason why we broke up with minea few years back is that I was cheating, and she caught me pants down. When she said it was over, I knew that it was the last time I was enjoying her funding.

You can also read my post here on how I made Ksh500,000 from one sugar mummy here in Kenya.


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