Here’s what it takes to secure a sugar mummy in Kenya

”Hi admin, I am looking for a sugar mummy in Kenya, can you help me?”

Well, 3/4 of the hundreds of emails and text messages I usually receive are from desperate dudes wanting my assistance on the subject. Most of these requests are from genuine people who want me to help them and are always willing to pay me in advance.

[By the way, I raised my hookup fee, as you can see here.]

Moving forward……….

You guess the rest of the guys who send me those messages are never serious dudes. When I finally offer myself to help ’em, these bastards suddenly go quiet or ignore my response when they learn that I charge Ksh1,000 for hookups.

Now, that category of people is what I call jokers/bastards/sonsofbitches.

And if you’re one of them, this blog is not for you. If you aren’t one of them, good, you can continue reading because am about to reveal the juiciest part for free. I won’t charge a penny for giving out these secrets.

I want to give you guys (I mean the serious ones) my secrets for finding sugar mummies who reside in these 3 towns: Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

This is what you ought to know and do

I bang sugar mommies anytime I like, why? Because I know how to identify them in advance. Everywhere I walk, I see older, sexy women who are endowed with all the money in this world. Then my job is t take up the opportunity as quickly as possible.

Now, who is a potential sugar mummy or a lonely but wealthy woman needing some smashing?

A lonely but wealthy woman is that woman who drives a Toyota Xtrail car or a black Lexus hatchback, and most of the time she is alone. She is alone when shopping, when going to church, when playing golf etc. Yes, they drive these models every time, I don’t know why most sugar moms have an affinity for these two car.

A lonely but monied and single/divorced woman is that kind of woman who will appear in wedding functions unaccompanied. These women never explicitly state that they are single, so you should always watch out for signs that may indicate that she is indeed single.

But if you are brave enough, you can walk up to her and get the conversation going. When you trust your instincts, most of the time you will discover that this woman is indeed single and is looking for a young man to smash her and in return she will spoil him.

A sugar mom is a wealthy woman who spends his time on Facebook till late in the night. Mostly you find them at Kilimani moms Facebook page. They hang out in numbers. But again, they never make it obvious that they are looking for young men who can make them orgasm.

Social media is in fact a hot bed of sugar mom scams. Am talking of fake agents who pose as genuine hookup agents when all they want is to fleece you of your hard-earned money, then disappear.

If you don’t want to lose money to fake agents, you will need to do some work on your part. Try spending some time at Facebook pages like Kilimani Moms and follow activities therein. I remember last year when I found a sugar mom on this very page.

What I did was simple. I had a plan, and my intentions was to scout for any woman who would hint that she was single.

So one day, I happened to visit that page and saw a post of a certain woman who was claiming that she was lonely and wanted genuine hookup. That post was not very clear on this. But at least I was getting what she was saying, and that was a very good opportunity to strike it.

I quickly inboxed her pretending to be a fellow woman sympathizing with her situation. Of course I logged in using a different Facebook account which I registered with a female username.

I told her that I had contacts of a guy who had smashed me when I was in a long dry spell. I went on to explain that I had met him at a friend’s birthday party and that’s how we bonded. Finally, I asked her if I could give her his number if she was interested.

After some chit chats here and there, she said ”Yes” ……. to my surprise. And she was like, ”I beg you, forward me his number so I may call him right away.”

Thing is, I gave her my number and she called me afterwards. It turned out that she was and still is an extremely wealthy and popular woman in Mombasa.We have since lost touch, even though I still have this sugar mummy’s phone number as well as her email contacts.

I must say that I enjoyed the swell in my bank account at the time we were with her. At one point, she even proposed to buy me a Subaru Imprezza. Then one thing led to another, and everything is history now.  I can give out her contacts to whoever will pay me Ksh2000. I promise you won’t regret it.She had a tight honey pot and is very experienced in handling sexual matters.

She is also very generous with her money…… Like she could pay me Ksh50,000 on a single day, and then the next, that amount could go down to Ksh30,000, and sometimes above it. I don’t remember any instance when this sugar woman gave me less than Ksh30,000.

Anyway, let’s get back to what we were earlier discussing.

If you want to have plenty of sugar mummies like me, or if you just want one, learn to spot the tell tale signs which can tell you whether or not a woman is single.

I have a number of night clubs where potential sugar mummies like to hang out at. But I preserve these for another post.

To this end, your job should be simple. If you find hunting on social media a big task for you, then do some legwork dude. Go to the malls, the supermarkets and car parks. Whenever you spot a woman driving a Lexus, Xtrail you name it, watch her very keenly.

You might even offer her a favor if she is in need of it. For example, when she is reversing in busy parking lot and you can see very clearly that she is struggling, don’t wait for the security guy to come along. Offer yourself and guide her to safely reverse the vehicle. Then ask for her number, of course after creating a brief rapport.

Please note

If you want my help getting a sugar mummy in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or in any other major town in Kenya, make use of my hookup services. Send me a text message using my phone number on this page.

And please, only contact me if you have at least 1K and are ready for immediate business. Otherwise, I will ignore you. Secondly, if you decide to bypass those instructions just to test me, I will detect it in your first text message, and thus I will still ignore you anyway.


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  1. Carol says:

    I am interested in bagging a handsome man to bang me… I am single and willing to pay generously for good service… 07229***** get my number from the admin as he has it already and am not willing to give it to everyone in public here.


  2. Dan says:

    She called to invite me to her house last weekend. She even paid me Ksh50,000 the next morning and insisted that I should stay for another one week. we are still planning to see whether this can be possible. otherwise, I am still grateful admin Ken for the kindness that you showed me.


    • Admin says:

      I have already served you. Wait for her to call you or you can proceed to call her like a man. You can thank me later


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