Another blow job bar in Pattaya (Thai) raided!!

Authorities have once again conducted a swoop in the streets of Pattaya where they nabbed some 40 African prostitutes operating there under the guise of tourists.

Thai police have always conducted similar raids before in a bid to clean up Pattaya’s image.pattaya sex for sale hookers prostitutes call girls

Another similar swoop took place last Friday at Beach Road and Walking Street, where some 20 girls who claimed to be tourists were arrested on grounds of prostitution. This lot was taken to a police station for questioning. It is not clear what transpired thereafter.

But a source reported that the African ladies who were mostly from Uganda, Nigeria, and Madagascar denied the accusation. Nevertheless, the cops had observed their behavior beforehand, and were convinced that these girls were indeed selling their flesh for money.

The prostitutes were also found possessing tourists visas, but the main aim was to sell sex to tourists with varying tastes.

This comes after the Mirror sensationally claimed (in an article) that Pattaya was the ‘Sex Capital of the World’. Many people who read this article thought that the local authorities would take some sort of superficial action until the furor died down. But that was not the case. It appears that change is likely to take off in a different way as far as sex work is involved.

The local authorities have occasionally taken a stealth walk (just the way city council officers in Nairobi do it) down the infamous Beach Road in search for independently operating prostitutes. These searches have not yielded results in one way or another as the illegal trade still continues to thrive in numerous go go (blow job) bars operating in the region.

Although city authorities are promising to step up campaigns to crack down on hookers, a part of that campaign has always been intended on inspecting adult entertainment joints that operate illegally in the city of Pattaya.

In the first week of February 2017, officials raided the infamous Windmill blow job bar and busted a British national with a bar woman having good times in a private lodging. The couples were scolded but later released. Apparently, the club was not licensed properly at the time of this raid. This could be used a basis for restraining the club’s activities in one way or the other.

And more recently is the Club 4 which suffered the same fate as Windmill. People who watch the sex industry in Thailand may remember that Club 4 was once raided by the military a while ago.

The footage of the raid which showed the faces of both men and women who were at the club was later released on the worldwide web. Apparently, nothing much came out of it as far as the local authority’s efforts to flash out sex elements in the city is concerned.

The only highlight that came out of this incident was that one woman was apparently found in possession of drugs. Charges leveled against her were solely based on these accusations. Otherwise, the club was allowed to operate on condition that all ladies inside must wear their pants on.

Another raid which happened shortly after this was facilitated by a foreigner. Reports claim that this foreigner was given a marked note. He was then asked to enter the club and summon one of the ladies for sexual services. When this happened, some sort of a signal was relayed to the authorities, and thus officers swiftly moved in. This was nothing more than the proverbial case of setting a thief to catch a thief.

Nearly all people have visited or at least heard about the reputation of this town. Pattaya grew from humble beginnings when it used to be a small fishing village until soldiers of the Vietnamese war started spending their off time there. This naturally attracted women to camp in the city with the intention of exchanging sexual services for pay. It is then that the city took off on a high note, always welcoming a huge number of eager women. Sex was and still is the main thing that sets Pattaya aside from the sea-side villages.

So while this blog has always taken the side of legalizing the adult industry, I feel that legalization will still not guarantee immunity against moral crusaders, attention-seeking media, and the well-known cop clamp-downs. Also, even in countries where this trade is ‘’well-regulated’’, hookers and their clients still suffer humiliation in the hands of these elements, not to forget the introduction of restrictive laws such as the recent German legislation which makes it mandatory for ladies to use condoms on all sexual activities, including when performing oral sex.