Why sugar mummies like privacy

I do receive sugar mom hookup requests many times a day. But what intrigues me most is the fact that dudes always want to have photos first before payment later. But you see, it does not work like that. There is something called Privacy, and any sugar mom or lady asking to be hooked up on the internet will care very much about their privacy.

I get several phone calls from wealthy women, mostly in Kenya, although sometimes these calls are international. After exchanging pleasantries and a little bit of chit chat here and there, these women often ask me for help — that is, they want me to help them find ”Ben 10s” who can make them feel loved again.

These are wealthy women with top of the cream jobs, either in Kenya or in their respective countries where they call me from. Most of them are business women, politicians and so on. In other words, these individuals are monied. The problem is that they lack someone whom they can comfortably get romantic with.

But in all this, it has come to my attention that most of these women fear being exposed. The thought of getting exposed on social media or the internet in general freaks them very much.

It is for this reason that I decided that I was going to come up with a privacy policy that prohibits both me and my clients from sharing photos or identities to random strangers.

But first things first. A typical sugar mummy in Kenya or anywhere in the world will never allow me to share their photos with clients whom I have not vetted. The following points are the reasons why:

Trusting strangers is not an easy task for most women

Remember, a woman who wants to become a sugar mummy is a wealthy woman. She needs to sustain you with a lavish lifestyle so that you may not leave her soon. She needs to provide a car for you (if you know how to drive) and a place where you can call home. Basically, a broke chic cannot sustain the lifestyle of a young dude who is out for money.

However, with the status of a wealthy woman like the one I am describing above, there comes trust issues. If she has money, she needs a dude whom she can trust with her wealth — I mean someone who will not rob her, quite literally.

I have heard stories of dudes who steal large sums of money from their sugar mommies. Some go to an extent of leaking their bedroom photos on social media or in other inappropriate places on the web. This is something that all women fear to experience, which is why I am always advised tor refrain from sharing photos with guys who are not serious.

And by the way, the only way to know if you are genuine is by first paying me the Ksh500. This is a test which I usually conduct on individuals who want hookup through me. If this upfront payment will discourage you, then I will know that you are either not serious or you probably wanted to breach the privacy of the woman in question. As a matter of fact, I am always glad to ignore such dudes for the sake of my reputation.

Sugar moms or any woman who is seeking a younger man is always paranoid

The society in which we live in condemns sugar mummy/sugar daddy relationships. In other words, you can’t introduce a 40-something woman to your mother when you’re not of that age category.

On the other hand, sugar moms can be beneficial in the sense that they do fund your extravagant lifestyle — in case you’re a broke dude.

This means that we (as men) should date them, but in secret. You should enjoy her wealth while it lasts.

But since cougar relationships are demonized in Kenya and in most societies, these women tend to feel insecure, hence the paranoid factor.

These women usually feel that they are in danger of being judged by people who know them. It is for this reason that potential sugar mommies often warn me not to share their details on the internet unless I am coke sure that the guy asking to be hooked up is serious about it.

How do I know that you are serious? Simple, if you send your payment, I will know that you mean business. If you are skeptic or somehow not sure, then I will know that you are after playing games at the expense of the woman who is asking me to find her a young man.

Finally, a sugar mom in Kenya or anywhere else is scared that people will know her habits

Most sugar moms will never introduce you to their families. Only their friends will know that they have you as a fuck boy…..that is, if they have to reveal that they are in a relationship with a younger dude. Still, this is an issue of privacy which most women take very seriously.

And now that you know why I never give out sugar mummy photos before payment, I believe that this matter is settled.




9 thoughts on “Why sugar mummies like privacy

  1. tabir says:

    Hi admin, last year you hooked me up to a sugar mom here in Nairobi and am grateful because of your kindness for helping. However, I was wondering if you can hook me up to a second sugar mom. I want to experience the taste of different women, you know? Money is not all I want. Please get in touch. I sent you an email 2 days ago but you still haven’t replied. Thanks


  2. Tonnie says:

    Thanks for the long advice. To be sincere I recently became a victim of con artists. Then there was this page in facebook called kenya sugar biz connect which claims to offer hookup services for 550 when you go directly to their timeline photos and read their posts you will be shocked coz all the stories u have published here is what they have copy pasted and posted to convince guys. Am saying something true and the lady is even trying to convince guys that she has published the ebook and she will be selling it out soon for 350. Today I was nearly sending the hookup fee to her but fortunately I came across this ur publication only to realize that she was a con artist


  3. jimmy says:

    Thanks so much. I think you are the best. I have lost so much money in this kind of thing. I was even skeptic when u told me that I should send u ksh500 to work on my case. Then it turns out that you are an honest guy. Thanks, stay blessed.


  4. bbk says:

    She just called tukafanya introductions on phone. I told her that i was not available until tomorrow. she is happy with that. Long story short, we are scheduled to meet tomorrow. I therefore take this opportunity to thank you so much admin


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