How I pounded a Kilimani sugar mom last weekend

Last weekend was the weekend of my life. I was literally in ”paradise” eating the contents of a honey pot. I realized that life was good, which prompted me to rethink my decision of quitting the lifestyle of  a sugar boy. Should I or should I not? I think going for the money is still worth it. So, this is how my story unfolded to the point that I found myself in the house of a Kilimani sugar mum.

She is 44, and we met on Facebook (for the first time I was meeting a sugar mummy on Facebook by the way). It all started with a simple greeting and then our conversation grew intimately over time.

I am good at reading the psychology of women. I knew that this woman was wealthy but lonely. She was not having sex at all. But even if she was having it, she was either masturbating or using sex toys to fuck herself.

This prompted me to pop the million dollar question. So I asked her whether she was single. She said she was dating. But this was a lie because all women find reasons to say Yes even when they don’t have boyfriends anyway. This was a good sign which prompted me to carry out further investigations.

I was seeking to know if she had a husband or a boyfriend. She paused for a moment, then replied that her hubby had passed on. I was not expecting this response. But since this was the response I got, I had to approach the next conversation with a little wit. So I said sorry —– with a few comforting words here and there — just to help me score a point or two.

When I inquired into the caused her hubby’s death, she said that he  perished in a road accident 3 years ago. I was again very sorry for this unfortunate event. But on the other hand, I was relieved since it was not due to HIV related illnesses.

Also, being that this woman was a Kyuk, I suspected that this was a big fat lie. I hear that Kyuk women murder their hubbies so that they may inherit their wealth. I don’t know how true this is. All I know is that she is very wealthy, plus she owns apartments in Eastlands, although she lives in Kilimani.

Kidogo kidogo…… we exchanged phone contacts and this created way for unlimited whatsapping and calling if we were bored with chatting.

This woman is a dotcom sugar mummy, I tell you. Look at a her Facebook wall and what you see is an Arsenal FC picture. She becomes active on FB whenever Arsenal is playing, not just any other time. That first impression made me conclude that she was a dotcom sugar mummy, and I was a digital sugar boy, so to speak.

Now, last weekend, I was just hanging out in my crib, not doing anything in particular. I was bored and really not knowing where to go. So I text her with a simple hi as usual. Instead, of saying Hi as usual, this woman got into another mood that I was not expecting.

Nimeku miss, c we meet………..?” ( I have missed you, can we meet?), she replied. My next question was ”Where?” Ati Kilimani kwake!! She stays in Kilimani by the way. So I asked her how I was going to reach her place when my residence was very far away from those sides of town.

Without hesitation, she asked me to go to Kencom bus station so she could pick me from there. Thankfully, this time round I was not going to Kencom bus station in search of Sabina Joy club…. you know how it goes when you arrive at Kencom, don’t you?

Anyway, she picked me at the said spot at around 2pm. I was dressed casually — nothing more than a ragged jeans trouser, a t-shirt and a nice cologne to help kill the sweat. I was not having my car this time round. I figured that this could jeopardize my chance of making a fortune in this meetup. Btw, you have to play your cards well when meeting a sugar mummy for the first time. Otherwise, you will be disappointed, money-wise.

To cut a long story short, I was looking sharp. My next job was to flirt with her and make her feel young as she drove around town on our way to Kilimani.

First-forward to her place in Kilimani. The watchman opened the gate as soon as she announced the arrival of her car. We were soon inside the house.

Her house was a palace by all standards. Am not going to delve into these details because describing what I saw could take a whole article.

Anyway, she offered me a drink. It was an expensive drink by the way. I don’t remember the name that was engraved in that bottle, but I could tell by the appearance of that particular bottle. But since I had to pretend a little bit, I chose to say ”No, thanks”.

I said I would be ok with juice instead. But before I could finish those words, my eyes strayed into the path of Jameson, yaani my favourite drink. So I said, ”I will be fine with that one”.

We talked for a little while and then started kissing. This is my best part on how to handle sugar mummies so that you will always get a second and a third chance. Always French-kiss her!

That, I did very well. I gently licked her neck and removed her top. I sucked her nipples and she moaned with pleasure. She said ”OOh, stop it now, you’re getting naughty!”. And all this while, we were on her leather sofa seat. So when I heard those words, I knew that it was time to put my jembe (Dick) inside.

I undressed her skirt and guess what, she was wearing a thong. I find them sexy by the way. And in fact, the more I removed the strap-like underwear, the more I got aroused. I pounded her nonstop. It reached a point when she started pushing my head away, but it was too late. She was trapped where I wanted her to be trapped. That was the joy of my life because I could go on and on without mercy. She could moan continuously. This encouraged me to go up to 4 rounds. She squatted thrice, and that felt so nice.

P.S I didn’t fuck this sugar mummy dry. I used a condom because I didn’t know her status yet. I also recommend that you do the same when you happen to find yourself in similar sexual escapades. You will be grateful for having protected yourself.