My first sugar mummy relationship made me Ksh500,000 richer

I have been receiving many emails from wannabe fuck boys who desperately want to hookup with sugar mummies. That is why I am writing this article for purposes of clarifying some things over here.

We are grown ups, and we all know why we need sugar mummies. First of all, let us not pretend that we are not into it for the money. It’s all about money since we can never love women who are sometimes twice our age.

That’s the reason you have to keep it secret at all times, lest the society ridicule your behavior. And never let your mom know that you have a sugar mom for a lover. They will curse you. And in the worst case scenario, you will end up giving them an unnecessary heartache which they don’t deserve.

You see, I have dated sugar mummies for as long as I can remember. I started this thing back in high school when I first landed a sweet mom (age43) in West lands, Nairobi.

I remember sneaking out of school every Friday evening to go partying. I schooled at Nairobi school anyway, and this explains why most of my hangout joints were in West lands and Sarit Center area. But I will not go into these details today.

What I can tell you for sure is that my last 8 years have been full of lessons. There is nothing I have not learned about sugar mummies or dating older women here in Kenya. I believe these lessons also apply universally and also to those who are looking for sugar daddies.

I made Ksh500,000 in less than 6 months because I was smart

Let me use the phrase ”older women” for the sake of convenience. You see, older women are clever, and in fact very clever. They have seen it all, and that means if you’re naive, you will end up being the loser in the end.

I am telling you to be smart in the sense that you should save every coin that you receive from her. This requires some form of intelligence which many young boys don’t have. But from my experience, I can tell you for sure that a sugar mummy/sugar daddy relationship is something that will never last beyond 1 year.

In my case, I was lucky enough because I played nice. She handed me the keys to her other car — which was a Volkswagen Passat by the way. I was to use this car for my own errands and according to my liking.

And even though she told me that this car was mine and that I could move with it the way I liked, I knew deep inside me that she did not mean those words. It was just a matter of time before she could come for it as a result of a disagreement.

I was also showered with other gifts on a weekly basis for the good job of ”taking care of her” when she needed me most. She rewarded me handsomely and I smiled my way to the bank. I pocketed Ksh30K each week because she was a very wealthy lady, and she had no issues rewarding me. I was her Ben 10, and she loved that fact.

We had dated for 6 months, and it was a very discreet relationship. That is how things are supposed to work in this dating world. It is not like I was dating a 20something years old woman. I was dating someone who had seen it all, and had a different perspective of life.

We dated for close to 6 months, and she suggested that I move to her house — something that I was not ready to do. I was not willing to sacrifice my pride for a pot of porridge. So I said no, and that is when things started going haywire.

And by the way, if you want to secure this relationship for a very long time, you need to act humble and always ready to dance to her tune. For instance, when she says that you should pick her up, you must do so, unless you have a very good reason as to why you won’t do so.

Meanwhile, I was making Ksh120,000 and saving 80K every month. I was living a modest life by the way. She could pay me another 10K on a monthly basis for purposes of upgrading my wardrobe. Instead, I would go to Gikomba to source my clothes from there because I knew I had a limited time, and once this opportunity was gone, there was no telling when a similar one would show up.

To cut a long story short, I was saving every penny that I was getting. Meanwhile, I was driving her car and funding my girlfriend’s hair. I suspected that she knew this fact, although she didn’t have evidence, and this means I was safe from confrontations relating to this matter.

The obvious reason why we differed was because I could not sacrifice my pride of being controlled by a woman. Therefore, after earning Ksh120,000 monthly salary for 6 months, I was sure that this money would change my life, and I didn’t care whether or not I lost the relationship. After all, I had money with me.

She saw my attitude and even labeled me ”kichwa ngumu” to mean difficult. It reached a point when she could not take any more of me, so she came for her car and a few belongings which she had bought me. The lesson is that I saved over half a million shillings in 6 months. I was glad because at least I came out with something.