Hot sugar woman living in Imara Daima estate (Mombasa rd) needs a young man

Hello everyone,

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My photo, request other photos from the admin

Linda is my name, and I work with Britam here in Nairobi as a senior Manager. I am currently single, and I live in Imara Daima Estate (off Mombasa road).

What I am looking for is a fuck boy who can really do me till I cam. In return, I will spoil him with money and everything else he may need from me.

Honestly, I have been disappointed with men whom I have met in my life. I must say that I have dated dogs so far, and now I want to try something new; dating a younger guy who will love me and never abuse or beat me up.

I am currently 40 years of age, although I don’t look like it. That’s because I eat and exercise well. What I am lacking is a man who can do me and curdle me during those cold nights.

Also, I am a shy person in nature. I don’t always have the courage to hunt men out there in the streets or night clubs. I prefer to do it online where I feel secure.

So if you are this man whom I am looking for, you should have the following qualities:

  • Be available especially during weekends
  • Be ready to drive or at least be willing to learn how to drive (I own a BMW X5 and a Volkswagen Passat)
  • You should be loving and caring
  • Should be between the ages of 20-27
  • Be a real gentleman

I want to assure you that if you have these qualities, then we can meet even now. You should get my number from the admin because I trust that he will recommend a good guy to me.

Anyway, one last thing; if you’re this guy that I am looking for, you should be ready to spend nights and even weeks in my home. I don’t want it to be vice versa.

Meanwhile, you will enjoy everything that I have because I am at a point in my career where I can consider myself successful in every aspect. There is no salary that I have not earned.

What is more, if you are willing to help me manage my property or at least help me oversee it, I will be glad for having met you in my life. I am essentially looking for a serious partner. If it goes well, then we might consider doing the long term thing, i.e. such as giving me one kid.

But before this, you should be ready to get tested for HIV. I am negative and so I want a partner who has a similar status.

The admin can give you my number when you inquire from him. Looking forward to your phone call anytime!! Chao!!


3 thoughts on “Hot sugar woman living in Imara Daima estate (Mombasa rd) needs a young man

  1. James says:

    At first, I didn’t believe that this guy was real. But at least now I know that he is genuine. Will be referring some of my friends to you Ken. Let me first enjoy the goodies that this sugar mum is serving me. Hahahaa


  2. George Kaimenyi says:

    Thanks, nimepata number ya Madam and am glad we have talked. Am yet to meet her. I appreciate your help so much cause I have been looking for sugar mamas for the last 4 years without success. If it were not for this blog, I would still be losing money to con men. Thanks many times.

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