Rich Sugarlady in Ngong’ road looking for a young man ASAP

Hello guys,

My name is Gladys, 36 and very cute-looking. I need a guy whom the admin of this blog shall direct to me. I am also here because I have not been very successful in finding good men who can treat me right and satisfy me in bed.

Right now, I am single. I used to be in an abusive relationship with a guy back in 2015. We broke up just before I went for further studies in Germany. Now I am in Kenya full time (I come from Meru but live in Nairobi) and working with Stanbic Bank Group as a branch Manager here in Nairobi.

To cut a long story short, I want a guy because I am tired of doing what my heart hates so much: masturbation. It’s something that I have never loved to do. However, due to extreme starvation, I have been forced to use sex toys to help with giving myself pleasure.

Now I feel like this is not the right thing to do. I feel that I need a young man who can instead replace the sex toys and give me what I want in bed. I am tired of this starvation.

As for the qualities of this guy, he should be loving, kind, open-minded, neat and willing to get tested for HIV because I am HIV negative myself. So I want a compatible partner as well.

This man should also be ready to forgive me for what I have been doing secretly (masturbating). That’s why am stressing on the fact that he should be loving.

I live in Ngong’ road area, just near Karen. I have everything that a woman would want in terms of wealth. So what am lacking is a man to curdle me during those cold nights and tell me sweet things that I haven’t heard for a very long time.

In return, I will give him anything that he needs. I will give him one of my cars for his personal use. If he is still schooling, perhaps I can help settle his school fees as we look forward to a good future. One last thing; this guy must be honest because I am honest myself.

So please admin of this blog. I have heard your reputation that you hook people up with the right partners. I want this favor from you because I believe you will screen this man and only recommend the right person to me.

I don’t want to pick contacts from the comment section of this blog since I am not after picking any man randomly. I specifically want someone who has been recommended by Ken since I trust him so much. So if you are this man that I am looking for and are willing to meet me even today, get my number from the admin. I am available in the evening and all weekends.

Photos of me

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3 thoughts on “Rich Sugarlady in Ngong’ road looking for a young man ASAP

  1. James Ochieng' Olulu says:

    Hello Ken and any other admin.Am James Ochieng’.I need to be hooked with either Gladys,Nice if not any other but should have Gladys body size exactly and cute.Send me the contact for me to send the hook up fee.


    • Admin says:

      Thanks for your inquiry. You should send a text message to the given phone number with your name age and location. Payment of Ksh500 is a must, or don’t waste my time.


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