Just another professional cam girl at the coast

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She posed for a photo that morning

I am a journalist by profession, so I travel a lot and get to meet different people in my line of duty. But there is this one time when I traveled down to the coast. I was on a photography project for a certain tour company which had contracted me to provide them with some professional photos of the Kenyan landscape.

As usual, my trips are always full of amusements here and there. If you’ve been to Mombasa, you know how nightlife can be buzzing with activities  especially in the CBD and areas like Mtwapa. You can find sex on sale for as little as Ksh150.

Anyway, there was this day that I happened to pass through Mtwapa after a daylong of shooting pictures at the creek.

I have an old friend who lives in Mombasa and owns two car. This saved me a lot because I could borrow one of his cars once in a while on those 2hour+ trips to the Northern coast. It was just convenient for me instead of using public transport.

So this was a Friday evening, at around 4PM. I had accomplished my photography and adventure for the day, and was in the mood to kill time with a few bottles before heading to my hotel room.

I was not looking for any particular entertainment joint by the way. I just wanted to spend time in a decent place with soft music to help me shade off the day’s stress.

I lived in a 4 star brothel which had private guest rooms reserved for people like me. My accommodation was being sponsored by the company which sent me to take photos on their behalf.

I pulled over in a certain entertainment joint in Mtwapa since I figured that it would be a good place to drink and hunt the girls of the night. Finding a parking space for the car was hectic. I had to bribe the wachie( security guy) to find me space.

Finally, I got to park the vehicle and roll up the windows as a safety precaution. But before I could get out, something caught my attention.

A young woman walked strait to me and started knocking the window from the driver’s side. I lowered the window and the girl smiled at me. She greeted me in a  beautiful Swahili accent and as if she had known me for a while.

There was a sense of calmness in her voice, which made me scared because she was a stranger, yet speaking to me like an old time friend.

In my confusion and not knowing what to say, a just kept smiling and staring at her make-up laden face. She had lowered herself so close to my window that I thought she was going to kiss me. Anyway, that did not happen.

This was also a good chance to examine her and make serious decisions on whether or not to snob her.

But instead, I realized that she was a hot girl by all standards. She was wearing a nice top which glittered from the reflection of the evening lights.

She was also wearing a pair of shorts which were made of jeans material, and were really hugging her waist line and curves quite perfectly.

Her nipples were slightly protruding from the underside of her top. It’s like my presence had turned her on, although I was a total stranger to her.

By this time, I was out of the car. She was asking me to follow her so I could get some ”hot stuff”. Of course I objected, but then she was irresistible in looks and speech.

She was a professional prostitute, a call girl and a part time webcam girl. She told me this when we opted to move in to share a drink and keep myself entertained with her dazzling beauty.

She used to work as a waitress at a certain high-end night club in Mombasa. Then when she learned the idea of camming , she quit serving beer in order to sell her services to perverted  souls who lurked on the internet.

This business didn’t cost her too much in capital. In fact, she had everything it took to qualify as a cam girl. Her looks and courage were a testimony. She only had to invest in a decent laptop equipped with a camera.

She joined an adult porn site and started selling her erotic services there. I were surprised that she was willing to reveal a significant load of information about her. Maybe it was the drink that caused her to tell her secrets to a random man like me. Or maybe she had seen something in me that was quite unique. I have never been sure.

It was getting late by the time I was taking my 5th bottle. She was a good company and a flirt as well. I didn’t mind spending the night with her — which led me to hit the proverbial smoking gun.

I told her I wanted to spend my life with her. You see, I had studied her and resolved not to use the phrase ”spending the night” because it would be inappropriate at this time. But the truth was that only my cock needed her, and not my heart.

So when I made the statement, she rolled her cute eyes and said she would think about it. Then I told her that I wanted to take her with me to where I stay.

She said fine, but this didn’t come easy since I had to first engage her in a tag of war. You know how women can be when they want you. A part of them wants you, while the other says No.

It was 11pm now, and time was flying fast. So we got into my car and drove to the hotel room. We chatted a little bit in the car before she fell asleep. I guess she had taken too much liquor, and she was trusting me that much.

As usual, there were security checks on the entrance of the hotel room where I was staying. But the security guy didn’t ask about her, yet it was apparent that he had seen me leaving earlier in the day without a female company.

When we arrived at the door, I inserted the key into its keyhole and the door jammed for a while before giving in. So we were inside the room– just the two of us. She hinted that she wanted to shower, so I let her do that. There was a towel, soap and everything she would need.

I was just falling asleep by the time she was finishing. She of course slipped under the covers nude. She only had her panties on. This caused my cock to harden again. I couldn’t help but feel her sweetness as we caressed and kissed a few times. I got to bang her throughout the night and she screened the same way she does for her clients on camera. What a fond memory!


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