Sugar mom (32)in Nairobi needing a man ASAP

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Nice’s picture as sent by her

Hello Night Attendant readers. My name is Nice, and the reason why I am appearing in this blog is because it seems to be the only reliable sugar mom connection site in Kenya.

I have been scouting for young men in numerous dating sites and I haven’t been successful in getting a man of my dreams. All the famous dating sites in Kenya have my profile. But I am not pleased with spending my money in useless renewal subscriptions and not getting a man in return.

So this is my personal story. I was dating this man who works as a colonel at Kahawa Barack here in Nairobi. She got me pregnant and I found a baby girl as a result. She is now 3.

But things didn’t work for both of us, hence we had to pat ways. It’s been 6 months now, and I am not in a relationship with any man now. I am 32 years, and I feel that I should not get an old man now.

What I am looking for is a young man, probably in his early 20s. This would be fine since am not a big fun of sex toys. So I need a human being to satisfy my fantasies.

As for what I do for a living, I’ll say that am a part time business woman and also a HR Manager at EQUITY Bank (KNUT house branch).

I have been working for Equity Group since 2015. But with all the money, I still feel incomplete without a guy on my side.

You know that I need love and affection. I hope you understand something else that I need. I will not mention it here.

Also, I have since acquired land at Kitengela Nairobi, and plans are underway to construct a house. So I need a man to oversee this project as well.

I also have two cars, and basically doing well, financially. So what I don’t need is an old man looking to fund me. Instead, I am looking for a young sugar boy who will give me what I want, and in exchange, I will do for him what he wants.

I hate smokers by the way. Let him not be like the previous one who did 3 packets a day. But let this man be loving, kind and willing to be proud of me. I will appreciate so much.

If you’re this kind of a man, get my number from the admin of this blog. I don’t feel safe putting my personal contacts here in the open for privacy reasons. But you can get my number from Ken (I hope that’s his name). I know he is an honest guy since we’ve met twice and he really promised to find me a good guy. Thank you in advance.


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  1. tkndiritu says:

    hallo admin Ken.
    I am timo, 24yrs from embakasi.
    I am unemployed but I have a big
    and honest heart. I came across
    you site, and it has baffled me. I
    am looking for a Swt suga mama
    who needs;
    I bring all that to the table, and
    so much more. My email is
    looking forward to hear from you


  2. albert omondi says:

    Hi admin, I also need a few lessons on how to handle this wealthy and cute woman which you gave me. I mean some adult tips on how to play sex well with her so that she can increase my pay, lets say from the current Ksh60,000 to Ksh80,000. Should I also eat well ama?


  3. faiz says:

    hae admin huk me with her n promise to fuck her n do it anywhere n anytime she feels like avng sex n am even rdy to relocate if shes rdy


  4. faiz says:

    hae admin huk me with her n promise to fuck her,cuddle,leak n do it anywhere n anytime she feels like avng sex n am even rdy to relocate if shes rdy


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