How I banged this cute chic in Roysambu, and why am planning a second round

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Her real photo: if you want her number, contact me asap

I met this lady at a house party somewhere in Nairobi and we ended up exchanging contacts in our drunkenness. Later the following day, I was worried that she would not remember me. So I hit on her with a simple ”Hi, how is the going?”

To my surprise, she remembered me very well. So this is part of the sacred Whatsapp conversation:

Her: ”Good, and you, did you reach home safely? ”

Me: ”Yeah, I did, and you?”

Her: ”Me too, but I was so drunk, I wished you could have escorted me home, just to feel secure”.

From that excerpt,I figured that this lady was a potential and I would bang her in no time.

The following day was on a Monday. I got up early in the morning so as to beat the usual traffic. I was suffering from an illness called hangover. It had taken the best of me that morning. But I still had to go to the office anyway, seeing that I had skipped work on Friday, giving a very silly excuse. Of course I called my boss to avoid getting fired.

The thing is, I was just feeling lazy that Friday morning. And by the way, one of my girlfriends had come for a sleepover, and I didn’t anticipate her to overstay till Sunday. So she is partly to blame for my not going to work, and thereby lying to my boss that I was not feeling well.

Anyway, we chat with this lady on whatsapp quite often (the one I met at a house party somewhere in Nairobi). But there is this day when she called asking if she could invite me to her place. She lives in Roysambu—— around TRM area.

I remember her ringing my phone out of the blues when I least expected her to do so. But it was also the excitement of my life because I had looked for an opportunity to bang her. Seriously, I was not going to let it go just like that.

So that evening I jumped into my car (I have owned it for 4 years and planning to sell it soon) and headed to Roysambu. I remember whistling as my right foot rested on the gas pedal, speeding down that funny slop between Mathari mental hospital and Utalii College. The car was literally flying, and I was praying that the traffic cops would not spoil my day and opportunity to bag a chic. I must have been doing 150KM/hr, not quite sure since the excitement had completely taken over me.

I finally pulled over at TRM in Roysambu to announce my arrival. She had promised to pick me up at 3PM Thursday noon. She was timing me almost like someone who had touched down at JKIA from Majuu (abroad).  I arrived there at exactly 2:59PM.

I told her that I was in a red BMW car. Fortunately, her house is not too far from the place where I had temporarily parked my car. I could actually see her walking gracefully towards me and the car. She had never seen my car before. So it was like instincts and gut feelings were guiding her steps.

So here she was with me….. a very hot woman in her early 20s. She had curves and buts that could make any man go wet. She had a medium height accompanied with the correct skin tone. She has a very soft voice by the way. I wonder why she never got a job at Kiss FM or as a customer care agent at Safaricom.

Anyway, she got into the car and we headed straight to her place and parked it outside, just a few yards away from her doorsteps. I followed her as she led the way into ”heaven”.

I closed the door and was ushered into the sitting area. That home felt like paradise by the way. Nairobi women earn a decent living out there. For her age, I must say that she was really doing okay. Maybe she had a ”sponsor” somewhere. I really don’t know much about her person life.

She served cake and tea, which I am justified to call dessert. We talked for a while. We discussed the weather, our career lives, you name it. But all this time, my penis was rock solid because I was longing for her, although I didn’t have the courage to ”make a move”. So I just sat there killing time with different topics.

Am a good storyteller by the way, and I think this must have worked to my advantage.

But apart from my story telling, I was also planning on how to proceed so as not to lose this chance.

So I told her how I admired her beauty, and she just kept on giggling like a little girl. Then I asked her If I could touch her, and to my surprise, she said Yes.

We were now sharing the same couch in the living room. The environment was very quiet, except the noise that proceeded from the TV.

I placed my two hands around her and kissed her in the best way I could. It did not take long to make her wet and to undress her in order to expose her curvaceous body.

This was the scene of my life since I never imagined that I would get such a golden opportunity with a beautiful woman like this.

I was hard by this time, so I proceeded to undress her quickly. It felt like stealing an Apple. I slid my hands around her waist in order to remove the g-string pant which she was wearing. Her ass line had literally swallowed the centerpiece of the tiny cloth, with only the parts that rest on the hips being visible.

I proceeded quickly but with caution and banged her. She was the sweetest thing on earth. She screamed my name and thanked me for being such a blessed guy in bedroom affairs. In the end, I found myself spending the night at her place, only to wake up on a Friday morning to get to the office. Thankfully, I always carry some spare clothes in the car, so I only needed to take a shower and change my clothes. Everything was going to be well for the rest of the day.