Free Contact info for white, Asian or Kenyan sugar mummy(Offer expired)

A lot has been said on how to get sugar mums in Kenya. But what they don’t tell you is how to exactly go about it successfully. All advice out there is nothing but generic stuff. You know the ones that tell you to dress smart, go to the gym, have swag etc? This is what I call BS which doesn’t actually help. Personal grooming is not equal to getting a sugar mom anywhere, not even on Facebook.sugar mummy contacts kenya for free, white sugar mom

So recently, I did a special coverage on how not to get conned while looking for sugar mums in town. Therefore, if you’re still losing money to con artists, then it means you either don’t follow my advice, or you are just being a pussy.

Let me tell you, I know you’re here because you want free contacts or connections, but you don’t know how to go about it. So this post is dedicated to that ultimate goal — finding a sugar mom of your choice, whether that is a white sugar mom, an Asian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, you name it. This will help you secure one as long as you follow the exact steps that I am going to give below.

What to do to get a sugar mom contact from me and ultimately hookup

For those of you who have used my services before, you were told by me that I was charging Ksh500 to get instant connections. Some of you paid the fee and got connected instantly because I am a man of my words.

But for those who doubted, well…. their ambitions went in the way of the dodo. They never got any help from me. Actually, one of them sent me an email just the other day, telling me how he had been conned by Facebook con artists who pretended to provide hookup services. I pitied him, but then asked him to use the method that I am about to show you now.

I now know that he is eating the ”holy” fruits of a sugar mom somewhere in Loresho. I managed to secure him a wealthy and cute mom from those sides.

So this is the method which I asked him to follow. These were the instructions:

1 Click the banner below or use this link instead


2 You will be redirected to a website called iFriends

Sign up with iFriends. You should do so with your email address, username and password. Confirm your registration by opening your email and clicking the confirmation link sent there. If it’s not in your email, check your spam folder and you will get it there.

3 Send me a text message to +254705538867 with your login details to prove that you signed up with ifriends

Once you’ve completed the above simple steps which take you less than 2 minutes, send me your login details so that I can confirm the sign up.

From here, I will request from you details of the kind of sugar mom you are looking for. I am not an angel to know what kind of a woman you want by the way. This is very crucial to making sure that am getting you a cougar who will be your best fit.

At this point, you should only text me your sign up details (the ones you used at iFriends) and a brief description of the woman you need. I will then sort you out as quickly as I can. It’s free to sign up with iFriends using the link I provided. You don’t have to pay money as long as you are using that secret link.

Please note

You are entitled for a free sugar mom hookup when you follow these steps successfully. Also, after completing these steps, sometimes it can take up to a week in order to give you a sugar moms phone number and ultimately organize for your meetup.

So unless you still want to be a pussy by losing money to con men and women all the time, I suggest that you use the safest method of getting sugar mummies on the internet. And there is only one technique — which I have actually given you. So it’s up to you to follow these instructions to get personal connections from me.

P.S: Your details are very safe when you sign up via the link I have given you. Hookup business is a discrete affair.


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