Get directions! secret cougar meetups in Nairobi, Lavington

After going through a couple of sextertainment joints in the last couple of months, I can say that what has been covered here so far is just a tip of the iceberg.

In fact, it is in the interest of this blog to expand coverage for entertainment purposes and also to let you know where you can bang a woman for your satisfaction or for pay here in Nairobi city.secret nairobi cougar meetings, joints and clubs

But as far as covering discrete places is concerned, some juicy joints may receive more attention than others, depending on how infamous they are and whether or not I shall have time and energy to cover any particular place repeatedly.

Lavington and Karen are popular for housing the rich and mighty. But the serene environments and feeder roads that lead to these suburbs have more to offer in the way of erotic entertainment.

However, for now, I will just zero down to this exclusive sugar mummy hangout where older women gather during specific days of the week in order to get banged by men for Ksh30,000 a session.

This particular place is not necessarily a joint per sei. Instead, these secret adult meetings are usually held in different homes around Lavington area. They are never held in one particular place all around the season for fear of being busted. The specific days when activities of this nature go down there is not known.

However, what is clear is that rich women gather here in groups of 20 at least twice a week, and they organize for young men to secretly come in and bang them for their buck. This is basically a no-strings attached relationship since there is a strong element of economic gain in exchange for sexual satisfaction.

Most cougars who meet here are in their early 40s, single and sexually-starved. Action begins once you pick your partner and claim your private space within the home. Location cannot be revealed until you’ve received a private invitation.

The home is well-furnished, and the general atmosphere is welcoming. When you approach, the first thing you notice is the serene environment with well-watered vegetation as the most dominant scenery that takes over your eyes.

You will also notice the luxury cars which are often parked towards the right and left sides of the beautiful gate which gracefully leads to ”heaven”.

The cars you see here are just an under-statement of the social status of  these cougar women. They live in the opulence of luxury. They own homes and apartments in Lavington, Kilimani, and areas like Karen. But they meet here on a weekly basis because they want to meet a personal need which, unfortunately, happens to be a very  sensitive one. That is why I cannot expose the exact location for fear of inviting trouble.

As far as this report is concerned, I can only reveal that there are at least 20 different women who meet here twice a week to get ”serviced”.

There are no specific men who give their services to the women since any man with sexual stamina can get through as long as they have the right connection. Basically, you have to get some sort of connection or invite from their circles.

But since am an insider who regularly does news coverage on these secret cougar meetups in Nairobi, I can help put you through. So if you’re interested, contact me ASAP using this form below:

P.S: take note that I will only book you in upon receiving your payment of Ksh500. I have given my number on the contact us section of this blog. So if you prefer phone conversation, text your name, age, alongside the words ”connect me to this secret cougar meetup”. 


Do not call, this is a text-only number


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