How to find a sugar mummy in 48hrs e-book now on sale!

Let’s get straight to the point. Many guys out here struggle to get rich sugar mummies because they do silly mistakes.

I gave you some basic tips on how to find wealthy mamas in town. But it appears like many of you are still struggling to follow through to actually secure a single woman with big financial muscles.

For this reason, I have come up with a new strategy which has taken months to put together. You ask why it took months instead of days?

Well, because it takes planning. This is my very first ebook on how to find a sugarmummy/sugar daddy in any part of this town or country.

In this guide, I am basically giving you my tried and tested secrets on how to find and actually date a loaded woman.

These tricks have worked very well for me since I started writing on this blog. It is the reason why rich women constantly make sexual advances on me. Not because am as hot as coal. I am just an average-looking guy, tall and dark with bald head. I actually prefer this style of haircut, so don’t mistake me for some grandfather who has mad typing skills.

The things I do and the places I hang out at make all the difference.

In the meantime, I will just list down some of the highlights in this ebook. Hopefully, you can pick up the clues and decide whether or not you will like my ebook.

But even in your decision-making process, remember that this is what I have been using all along to secure sugar mummies for you. After all, where do you think the supply comes from whenever you place a hookup request from this blog?

Anyway, enough of that blubbering. Here are the details:

You don’t have to use agents, including Me to find a sugar mama

A while ago, I published an article here which highlighted my predicament with hookup agents and how I lost money in the process.

You can read it here just in case you haven’t. But I guess you’ve gone through a similar experience before, even countless times.

The thing is, you should never lose money to Facebook con artists who parade as hookup agents.

So, get this ebook and learn the following things:

  • How to locate sugar mamas in your local area, whether in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret you name it. All women are the same, and my tricks work on them irrespective of their tribe, culture, beliefs etc.
  • How to make them become addicted to you. When she can’t have enough of you, you can use it to your advantage to build wealth.
  • I have also included a secret method that will ensure satisfaction in bed.
  • How to establish connections with her business associates so that you can also share a piece of the pie.
  • Mistakes that guys do when looking for older, wealthy women.
  • Secrets of establishing whether a sugar mummy or daddy agent is real or fake and is out to con you
  • Techniques which I personally use to approach sugar mummies.
  • How to identify where real potential sugar mummies gather here in Nairobi every Friday evening, plus how to go to these places and join them without a hustle.
  • And finally, what you must do to keep a sugar mummy and a girlfriend at the same time.

Bonuses that you will find in this book

Initially when I started hunting for sugar mummies, I landed in the wrong hands of women who wanted my money instead.

Sometimes I met older women, thinking that I had nailed it. But then it turned out that these women were prostitutes looking to be paid by me instead.

Ever since, I have learned to identify ”potentials”. And the good news is that my fail-safe method always work 100% of the time. I never approach broke women by the way. I know how to smell them a mile away.

And finally, this is the most important secret of all; how to get rid of sugar mummies without running into serious trouble with her.

You cannot just take her money and disappear like that. Otherwise, she will trace you and probably kill you if she is a white sugar mummy. Most white women don’t have patience to smile at you after stealing from them and ripping them off in the process.

So if you’re tired of not being successful, don’t ask me to hook you up. I believe you can do it on your own. The ebook costs Ksh350 only. But if you fear reading this short ebook which is 15 pages by the way, then you should perhaps try my hookup services. In this case, I will ask you for Ksh500 upfront.


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