How to live with a Kenyan Sugar mummy

kenyan sugar mummiesNow that you’ve followed and successfully implemented my advice on getting a sugar mummy in Kenya, it’s time to learn how to maintain her so that she doesn’t change her mind and dump you.

But just in case you didn’t succeed even after following my advice, then I recommend using my sugar mummy/Sugar boy/Daddy hookup services here.

And now that the challenge of finding a sugar mummy is out of the way, let’s discuss how to maintain these mamas in the long run.

By the way, it is crucial that you should never let her go, considering the pain of getting one and the fact that she is your sponsor and you are the sponsee.

I hope you’re still with me. Good! Let’s get into the meat of the content. Kenyan sugar mummies are not that hard to deal with. Most of them are easy going, and will not have problems forking out some dough if you prove to be faithful and performance-oriented in the bed.

Therefore, if you decide to go in the way of sugar mummies, you should definitely have the following sacred points in your mind:

You must satisfy her in bed, or else she will kick you out!

Before asking me to hook you up with a Kenyan sugar mummy, you should know what it takes to keep one and actually reap the benefits of secretly having one.

The obvious benefit here is that you will receive cash for your upkeep. She will also give you a few incentives like driving her expensive car.

However, there is one rule to maintaining such a relationship. That is, you must satisfy her sexual appetite. If you’re a performance-oriented fellow in the bedroom, you should thank your Creator.

But if you’re a pussy who drops his bombshell the moment she spreads her legs for you, then woe unto you! This will not continue for too long before you’re shown the door.

A while ago, I introduced something called Fleshlight Stamina training for this purpose. Basically, if you’re the kind of guy who can’t hang in there long enough until the right time, then this product will train you to delay ejaculation.

I have had a lot of guys improve their bedroom performance with Fleshlight Stamina training, and that’s proof that it really works. So buy it and use it for your own good if you want to save your relationship with a sex-hungry sugar mummy.

Forget sex enhancing pills because such medication come with awful side effects. They raise your heart beat, and you’re even likely to collapse in the marathon like this college guy did.

Now that we are pretty covered in that area, you should have very little to worry about.

Learn to take good care of yourself; hygiene matters

Even after finding a Kenyan sugar mummy, your grooming doesn’t stop at that point.

Kenyan women hate dirty guys, and this is the second reason why she will kick you out even if you’re good in bed.

I have had some guys reporting that they were dumped because they didn’t take shower quite frequently. They never took hygiene matters seriously, and it costed them the relationship. This is the last thing you want to happen in your relationship.

Furthermore, taking care of yourself doesn’t necessary boil down to personal grooming. It also means working out at the gym. This is the time to build your six pack and some muscles here and there.

You see, they love hot young men who have something to hold on to, and that comes in form of muscles. And since you have all the money and time in the world, why don’t you sign up for a gym membership in your area? Your efforts will pay off in the long run.

Never cheat on her

A few days ago, I wrote a story about a certain woman whom I met in my first job at a mental institution way back in the days. I told you how her life was fucked up because of her jackass boyfriend who cheated on her and wiped clean her bank account.

Anyway, the point is, no sugar mom can stand being cheated on. But if you must have a girlfriend, make it secret. Never leave hints behind because older women can get extremely jealous.

What that means is that they will kick you out because you’re promiscuous and not committed. So never expose it to her unless you’re ready to be shown the door, and that means the sponsor/sponsee relationship will come to an end.

Don’t do away with your friends just yet

I have seen young men getting chased away like dogs after a small disagreement.

Older women are controlling, and so you must play your cards well if this is something that will bother you.

They love to give orders. But you are the man at the end of the day. You choose to obey or ignore them. But you don’t have to always ignore them flat out. Use your head and never make it too obvious that you’re not dancing to her tune. That way, you will maintain the relationship.

But in the event that things go haywire and you find yourself being kicked out, have backup, and that means the same friends you used to have before you met her.

To cut the long story short, always keep in touch with your circles. Never ignore them just because you’re driving her BMW X5 while they walk on foot.

Buy them liquor every weekend. Hang out with them when you find time. But always try to be available on demand. Unless you want to lose the car and ultimately the relationship, it is expedient that you should give your friends attention much the same way you give your sugar mummy the attention she needs.

Don’t show her that you’re after her money

Be romantic and show her that she is all you have. Act as if she is your heart, mind and soul. That way, money will flow. But if you do otherwise by showing that money matters more than her, then you will soon be kicked out.

Don’t be an extravagant person, unless you’re a fool

Truth be told. A sugar mom will shower you with enough money to play with the way you like. But let me tell you one think. You should have some wit in your head.

Even if it means having a secret bank account or m-shwari lock savings account, it is well worth it.

Save the money for a rainy day. You never know when you will be kicked out. And you don’t want to regret leaving empty-handed.

Make her feel like a little girl again, and never reveal all your details

Start practicing those girlish words that make the small girls giggle like piglets. Call her baby, sweet heart, etc.

Finally, be careful not to reveal your background, otherwise she will come looking for you the day you decide to steal a lot of money before taking off.

P.s I am not saying you should steal from a Kenyan sugar mummy. But if you have a long hand, this predicament may befall you. Just make sure you’re not caught


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