Sugarboys! here’s a list of sugar mummy dating opportunities 2016

Before I can give you this long list of sugar moms currently available for dating in Kenya, I want to give you some quick facts about how I started this blog and how I was a desperate sugar boy looking for money in exchange for sex.

You see, long time ago before I started this blog, I was naive like many other sugar boys who are constantly on the lookout for women who can ”love them” and perhaps haul them around Europe for some exotic holiday destination during Christmas.

So I was just a sugar boy or a young man looking to satisfy older women in return for anything that she will offer.

I was looking for a sugar mum or just a nice, financially stable , sex-starved woman who could give me paradise on earth. Yes, I mean paradise on earth since my life was screwed up at the time, and I thought that giving a stab at older women was a noble idea.

Now, the problem was that I couldn’t find one at the time. I made the same mistakes that most of you do right now. I was just pussying on radio stations in search for sugar mummies. I even had the guts to call classic 105 evening show asking for ”mapenzi”.

The lines went through and Larry Asego (who was hosting the show at the time) picked my call. I explained that I wanted a woman, and that I wouldn’t mind her age.

But in the real sense, I was looking for a financially-stable woman. The age factor had to be emphasized though since it’s hard to find young but successful women in Kenya. I preferred being the ”sponsee” as opposed to being the ”sponsor” since I had nothing.

I think I have lost over Ksh50, 000 so far. Most of that went to these ”quick online sugar mum” hookup websites. Each time I came across a Facebook page or website, I was told to send money in order to get instant hookup. Guess what, I went broke by the day.

I first came across a site that was charging Ksh10,000 for sugar mum/daddy hookups back in 2012. I sent them Ksh5,000 on agreement that I would clear the balance once the connection was established.

The admin gladly agreed to my offer.But it didn’t hit me that I was going to lose that money. My approach was silly and not informed, because for one, I didn’t understand that I was gambling large amounts of money which probably would yield me profits if invested elsewhere.

To cut the long story short, I lost that Ksh5,000. In the meantime, I came across various sites and Facebook pages that charged anywhere between Ksh1,000-Ksh3,000. Again, I lost money here because I was determined to find one woman who would fit my wildest dreams and desires as described above.

Okay, enough of this. The thing is, I have learned a lot ever since I got into this. The things I have learned can be summarized as below:

1 Hunting for sugar mummies online is like gambling

Did you read my guide on how to find sugar mummies? Well, I don’t know why too many guys are not following those instructions. If only people followed those simple instructions, they would be guaranteed of success at least in the next 2 months.

Over the course of my work, I have discovered that hunting for sugar mummies, sugar boys, daddies etc is like gambling. Every website charges hookup fee, and nearly 90% of these sites are run by some con artist. And since you’re sending money to someone you don’t know, you’ll be gambling in the real sense.

2 Only send small amounts of money if you decide to hunt online

I just told you how I have lost cash in these bogus hookup deals, and I don’t advice anyone to repeat my mistakes.

If I was faced with two hookup choices that looked genuine and one was charging Ksh500 while the other was charging Ksh2,000, I would go with the first one, why?

Because I want to manage my losses by only gambling with money that I can afford to lose. What’s the point of sending Ksh2,000 on mpesa only to realize that you’ve been conned? It makes better sense to lose Ksh400 than to lose more.

3  Not all hookup services on the internet are scams

It is very ignorant to foolishly lose money on the same thing. But isn’t that what people do with sportpesa betting?

Truth is, you will lose money. But until you find a genuine website that deals with real sugar mummies/sugar daddies/sugar boys, you should not give up searching. It will cost you in the long run. But that’s why I said it is better to lose Ksh400 than lose Ksh2,000 all the time.

Here’s the list of women who have asked me to find them sugar boys or young men willing to have sex for money (available in October-November):

Hi admin,

My name is Nancy and I am looking for a good young man who can play the game well. Am aged 36 and sexually-starved. I live in Nairobi and am self-employed. I just want an intimate relationship ASAP. Thankssex mom, wealthy in muthaiga, lavington nairobi

Guys, please help me find a young man as soon as possible. I am a woman who lives in Lavington and very financially-okay. I live alone and in need of a partner. I will provide for him in return for good sexual satisfaction.sugar mummy sex nairobi, mombasa

Hello Admin,

My name is Amanda, living in my own apartment in Muthaiga, Nairobi. I have never been married, only interested in young boys for intimate relationship. Please find me any young man who is interested. Thankssugar mummy in kenya looking for young man, nairobi


My name is Faith and I live in Mombasa. I need a young man from Mombasa as well. The man must be 20 and above since what I am looking for is a serious affair. Please connect me to this man asap. I will provide for all his needs if he is the right fit. sugar mum living in kileleshwa, kilimani

That’s it guys. If you’re willing to get any of these women right now, text your name, age and location to my contacts (0705538867). Remember, I am not doing it for free. You need to pay me Ksh500 as appreciation fee for the hard work I have done for you. Thanks


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  1. Katela Daniel says:

    Am katela Daniel at Kenyatta university. Am 20 and need a hook up with a young sugar mummy aged 26-38.My phone number is 0727134490.Thank you.


  2. Jerry Simino says:

    Godd day I just need to know if I will be able to get a sugar mommy anywhere. I am from South Africa. All I need is a sugar mummy and nothing else, so please send me contacts details not tips or emails but numbers only.

    Kind regards Jerry 0764847990


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