Places where beautiful girls sell sex in Nairobi

The city of Nairobi is filled with myriads of entertainment spots to spend money on. And by many estimates, Kenya is just one of the many countries that accommodate the largest commercial sex scenes on the planet. sex in nairobi kenya, sex toys, sugar daddies, sugar mummies, sex clubs in nairobi

I have already covered most brothels in river road/luthuli Nairobi. But am yet to report on some of the most popular night joints in uptown Nairobi, specifically those you find along Kenyatta avenue, Kimathi Street, Koinange street and other streets of similar caliber.

Nairobi is relatively small at night. You almost get this feeling of being in a compact city, populated by millions of nocturnal beings seeking nighttime thrills, either in form of booze or sex.

There are countless roads and feeder streets which are mostly occupied by watchmen and hookers. Most of these brothels operate day and night with the aim of draining men of their hard-earned money and bodily fluids, so to speak.

Traditional red light districts like Koinange street are dying out, although a number of Koinange-like streets are still in plenty in the uptown areas of the Nairobi CBD.

However, it is hard to locate these premises during the day because, unlike other cities popular with prostitution, Nairobi’s most popular brothels don’t hang signboards or neon lights announcing sex for money. This is because the country’s constitution has outlawed the act of soliciting sex for money or selling it for the sake of money, yet a number of red light bars still continue to operate right under the nose of city authorities.

You need to at least see a few girls standing at the entrance doors of these bars and brothels to understand the nature of the business that takes place inside these buildings.

There are dozens of red light hot spots in Nairobi though. The most common ones are Sabina Joy (in the middle of CBD), Bartis (Tom Mboya), Tribeka (CBD) among others.

Club Tribeka is not necessarily a brothel. The problem with this entertainment joint is that it oozes with a lot of beautiful but desperate women.

Club Tribeka is where you go when you need a lady’s company over a few drinks. It’s among the many places in Nairobi CBD where you will find a woman, then buy her a few drinks and take her home with you, and she will never protest. So in a traditional sense of fashion, this is a brothel where you pick women with the intention of eating them up after a few drinks. They will never resist your offer.

I must say that nearly 3/4 of the population in club Tribeka is composed of women in their 20s. Because competition for men who can produce money at a moment’s notice like ATM is on the rise, these women spend time on their hair and makeup to gain sex appeal.

If you make your way into Batis club and then head straight to the washroom, you will most likely see the kind of girls you find at club Tribeka.

They are into sexy clothes, although not too revealing. Most of them are in their 20s, but it’s still possible to find those in their 30s.

However, I have noticed that the ugly women are the most cheerful too. They seem to tolerate all comers, and this is quite different from their hot rivals. I have seen this kind of thing too many times in bars and brothels along river road. But it is also common in this other side of town.

I have also paid a visit to this night club called Galileo lounge in Westlands. Everyone who has been around knows that Westlands is infamous for intense night activities involving drugs and partying.

But Galileo lounge is for the mature only. This is not your usual entertainment joint where all you have to pay is your bottle of beer. You have to pay an entrance fee too on top of the bills you shall incur once you’re inside.

Girls, on the other hand, go to hunt for men in Galileo because they know that only men who earn a decent living rave in places like Galileo. So it’s actually by strategy that you will find a very beautiful woman here. The problem is that you might find a ratchet as well.

Also, Galileo entertains all sorts of people. You can never know which man is married and which woman is not. It’s all mixed up to suit the purpose of money and sex.


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  1. Ceaser Nandwa says:

    Hey admin, i hv been conned of 2k already n they still wanted me to send more money. my situation turned from bad to worse coz i lost my job n went to the country side. Thankfully, I got this blog and sent you cash thinking you will not fulfill the promise. But am grateful because she called me yesterday. Am planning to travel to Nairobi to meet her. Thanks for your effort. I didn’t trust you at first but now I do. Cheers


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