Best sex websites to spend your time on

The Adam and Eve Industry is so vast that you can practically have a field day with cam girls on the internet.

There are also many sex toy shops for men and women alike, and it appears these online stores are spreading on the internet like wild fire.

If you’re looking for where to buy dildos for example, you can casually Google it out and a number of sex toys stores will show up.

If you’re looking for something specific like, 8 inch purple or pink dildo, you can find that as well provided the sex toy shop has an expansive inventory list with products sorted in various categories and sub-categories.

Indeed there are so many porn sites or XXX tube sites with good content. But this influx has also injected stiff competition into the adult industry. This has caused many porn sites to either die off or go defunct.

The ones that have stood firm have really done a good job. The good thing is, the internet is so wide and rich with options that can appeal to all sorts of persons who may be interested in commercial sex or human sexual relationships in general.

FKK Sauna Clubs

There is still much to be said about FKK clubs, and perhaps this is the reason why this club is specialized in reporting and reviewing anything related to FKK sex saunas within the European continent.

The site appears to have a very active Twitter feed page which would be an indication of how busy the blog is.

Perhaps what is more interesting about the blog is the news segments which keep updating fans on what’s happening in the world of English FKK sex saunas.

Finally, the blog also announces special events where special guests do appear quite regularly.

Tokyo Kinky

When I was researching websites that report on adult matters in Japan, I came across a site called Tokyo Reporter. This newspaper usually reports every story that concerns Japan sexual matters and prostitutes who operate there.

I was particularly drawn to this article which gave me insights into the world of prostitution and commercial sex parlors in Japan.

But since this newspaper is a hybrid of sex stories and other content, you might just have to look into other blogs that have exclusively specialized in adult content. So this is how I came to know Tokyo Kinky.

Tokyo Kinky is part of Kanojo Toys, an internet sex shop that sells both men and women sex toys.

The site is exclusive to adult reporting, although it faces stiff competition from rivals such as my Dearest Desire which mostly features interviews with Japanese porn stars.


This name is not to be confused with the word telegram which took the path of the dodo bird 2 decades ago.

The reason is, technology came up with more superior ways of dispatching messages, and this made telegrams superfluous.

Tittygram has sexual annotations as well. It thrives on a joke that once went around concerning the topic of strip a gram.

But now it turns out that the old idea of telegrams and electronic communication was merged to form a fancy website called Tittygram.

Unlike Facebook, this site lets you send messages wrapped up in a cute pair of hooters, and there are no restriction to whom you can send these messages to. We have come a long way, thanks Tittygram.

Harriet Sugar Cookie

This erotic site is owned by an Asian woman who also has an English accent. I cannot say a lot about her. But with the clues am getting, I can say that Harriet looks extremely attractive and she takes this opportunity to occasionally appear in pictures and in adult videos. That’s what her site is about.

She also features a number of porn starlets in her site. Her write ups are very captivating, which should give you reasons to check her out.

Because of her reputation, I was curious to check the site out. I specifically wanted to watch her playing bop it with another starlet or perhaps showing me some crazy fuck styles. She is much into erotic games by the way.

If you enjoy these sites, you can inform me here so that I can stay on the look out and only update you on topics you’re interested in.


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