A hooker’s massage with feathers and Jasmine Absolute Oil

I love hookers. I love to interact with them because they have an aptitude for learning people . But they have never offered me sex, and that’s because I have never asked.

To have sex with a hooker, it must start in your mind. Apparently, my mind has never convinced me with words such as; ”Wow, it’s a noble idea to put my pecker insider her.”

Do not blame it on your Christian upbringing though. This has nothing to do with my faith, morality or principle. It is just a matter of not having interest in sleeping with a call girl.

Sadly, I tend to have too many opportunities with call girls who have mastered the art.

I have met one woman who runs a massage parlor in Hurlingam. She told me that clients who come for extras get treated with the magical Jasmine Absolute Oil massage. But if they ask for sex, they can get it for a separate price tag. I hear this sex is worth the money!

If you are generous with a hooker, you can be assured of a good time. All married men know that good times are rare to come by. So most of her clients are married anyway.

How do I know that a woman is a hooker when am seated in a hotel bar?

All of them have that unmistakable predatory look. They make it overt that they are up for business.

Buy your drink and then share the same table with a call girl and you will first notice that forthrightness with her body language.

She will immediately face you with her body. She also has the cunning ability of telling whether or not you can translate into business. This usually happens within the first 3 minutes of sharing a table with her.

But once they realize that this is just a useless man who wants to talk and hug, they start looking over your shoulder to locate the next man who will potentially translate into business.

I still do talk to hookers a lot, especially professional ones who run massage parlors that can afford to smear Gold on you. Jasmine Absolute Oil or peppermint Oil is the Gold am talking about here.

Call girls are generally smart, multi-layered people. They have excellent people skills. Aligning value with need is not rocket science to them, and I can tell you for sure that these traits can only be possessed in people who can sell you ice cream in Iceland.

Something else that I have learned is that call girls are people who don’t judge. They have gone through a lot of macabre shit. Yours won’t matter. It won’t rattle them.

In other words, a hooker is smarter than the average social media user who gets rattled at the slightest criticism. For this reason, I find them very intriguing. It’s a skill you have to gain as soon as you enter the industry.

Now, there is this hooker I met during the weekend. I have known her for 3 years now. We can talk for hours running with a secret voice recorder running.

I asked her, ”What did you do with yourself last weekend?”

The reply was, ”So, this chocolate man just paid me 15k to get me tickling his hands and feet with a bird’s feather.”

”And then he also asked me to massage him with Jasmine Absolute Oil for an extra 5k.”

”Okay, sounds interesting. Did he bring his own feather, or did you have to go fetch it yourself?”

”Hmmmm, this guy was prepared for it, so he brought with him some feathers and a bottle of expensive Jasmine Absolute Oil.”

”I see, which bird did this feather belong too?”

”Hmm, you’re funny, how the hell was I supposed to know which bird, Ken?”

”But you told me that you spent most of your childhood days in a chicken farm which your father owned?”

”Yeah, I did. But I didn’t spend my time there learning feathers. Perhaps I would have paid more attention learning the birds and their feathers.”

”But if you insist, I will ask him where he got the feather from. I will ask him if that feather belonged to a cock, a crow or a turkey, hahahaa!” She giggles and I follow it with another question.

”Wait a minute, you are getting cranky now. You just said a cock, a crow or a turkey? What colour was this feather?”

[She rolls her eyes and say something like, ”I think it was black.”

And then I said,

”So you’re suggesting that the feather belonged to a cock, and that this man was a Luyha?”

[She giggled and replied, ”Don’t be an asshole Ken, you’re being ridiculous.”]

I paused for a moment and then asked her; ”You said Jasmine Absolute Oil for massage? You must be very skilled in hand massage.”

The reply….

”Hmmm, not really. He offered 20k in total. I tickled him with the feather and then massaged him with the oil. This caused him to orgasm very intensely. He promised to come back. But we never fucked………..”

[Her eyes rolling again]

Ok, that’s the end of this story. I hope you’re getting the idea now. I can carry on with this conversation the whole day, but there’s no point in doing so.

The thing is, I have learned a lot through this girl and other women I have met before. So maybe you should just not judge a hooker.