Why she is not finding love at 32!

Nothing is far from the truth Medina. It is good to be honest when it comes to matters of the heart. This mature, still good-looking woman in her early 30s is not going to find love any time soon.

Sure, she is going to come across several men whom she will desire to kiss furiously. But she’s just not going to get love there.

You see, she has slaved throughout school years, pursuing masters, and now she’s taking a stab at a PhD.

Because money is not a problem for her, it is a guarantee that she will go places when she is on leave. It is not unusual for her to hope into the next KQ flight to visit Dubai and relax her mind — if this will help her disengage from the reality of remaining single at 35 now.

She watches her weight a lot because, apparently, most men want women who look like flight attendants. Therefore, working out is her priority.

But there is also this kind of working out which she loves very much. It is called Kegel exercise. She knows that Kegel exercise is the perfect workout for tightening muscles down there.

If those muscles are tight enough, then it’s a sure guarantee that men who get lucky enough to wander up to this point will not leave.

To a layman, these muscles are just a means to save an embarrassing moment when you really want to pee and there is not a single bathroom in sight. These muscles can be clenched until an appropriate moment when a bathroom will be available. That is when you can go full throttle to empty the yellow liquid.

Lately, she has been working those muscles really hard using what is known as Kegel Balls. She bought them at an online store since these shops are very convenient and discreet.

When you ask her what Kegel balls do and she trusts that you won’t gossip behind her back, she will explain to you that Kegel Balls strengthen your pelvic muscles so that they can learn to expand and contract more efficiently.

The reason why she uses this sex toy is because she is hoping to attract and keep a man someday. You see, if her vagina is tight, it feels right to any man with an erect penis, and this is a fact she knows very well. She also knows that she will score an A rating in the bedroom department, so Kegel balls or ben wa balls are her number one sex toy.

If you happen to meet her in a cocktail party and ask her what she mostly misses in her life, she won’t talk about how she is missing a bed mate. In fact, it’s almost a taboo for her to admit that she misses someone to talk to or cuddle with during those cold nights of July.

Instead, she will smile, then tell you that she misses those moments when a man watches her as she takes off her clothes to jump into the shower.

It is also not very surprising that this woman will be living a complete life, the kind of life that many of us cannot afford. She has a taste for finer things, which is why she owns a BMW X5 2016 model, and lives in Kilimani. Her apartment is over-priced, but that’s okay. She looks gorgeous, and that’s why she is a total woman.

But what if her future hubby is lying in those too many email messages which she has since learned to ignore? Would she trust that she will get a serious man here, or would she choose to have one-night stands with random men, hoping that the Kegel balls will work the magic in her pelvic floor to make her nunu tight enough?