Polite notice to those who need my help to get sugar mummy phone numbers and hookups

woman 4Hello everyone,

I have skipped the usual routine to write this as a matter of extreme urgency.

Young men and women keep approaching me not only in Kenya but also across the globe seeking to be hooked up with rich partners.

But am also aware of certain scam networks that have infiltrated the internet to con unsuspecting young men on the promise that they’ll be hooked up.

Also, I have realized that most people who approach this blog wanting to be hooked up to a sugar mummy are previous victims of sugar mummy scams in Kenya. Nothing is far from the truth, 60% of all hookup sites you come across on the internet are only scams. I know this for a fact.

Now, let me just make it clear. If you’re approaching me with the mind of a skeptic, then I can’t help you find a sugar mummy in Kenya or anywhere else.

I don’t have to break my routine of doing things because of one or two doubting Thomases who have been conned before. Asking me to meet you at a time when am nearly 1000 or more kilometers away from Nairobi is simply not logical.

If I have time and am available in Nairobi or anywhere that’s closest to you, I’ll meet you and you’ll compensate for my time once I hook you up. That could be anywhere between Ksh1,500 and Ksh3,000 depending on various factors.

But if am not available, don’t start asking me to come meet you face to face so that you can pay your hookup charges.

Like I said, I follow strict work ethics, plus am a busy man. I don’t have to meet you to prove a point. I do not also need to break my routine because of one or two skeptics who have been coned and are afraid to send their cash to me for hookups.

Finally, if you are not ready to send your hookup fee via Mpesa because you suffer trust issues, then I am soon coming up with a solution for people like you.

I am soon publishing an e-book that shall contain all the things you need to know and have to find a sugar mummy in Nairobi.

I am putting together the ultimate guide that is inspired by my own experience on how to get Sugar mummies who are filthy rich.

In this ebook, you will also learn the secret hot spots in Nairobi where I usually pick these hot mamas. In addition to this, I will show you the right timing to venture out and other things to do in order to win yourself a sugar mummy in one week. If you fail to succeed, I guarantee you of a refund.

I shall sell this ultimate guide to finding sugar mummies in the Kenyan capital for Ksh1,000. Once you pay the price of the e-book, I will give you a link for downloading it. You will then have the ultimate key to finding these mamas in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, you name it.


If you’re not a fun of reading (this book has less than 10 chapters anyway), then it doesn’t harm sending your Ksh1,000 via Mpesa to get instant hookup instead.


11 thoughts on “Polite notice to those who need my help to get sugar mummy phone numbers and hookups

    • Admin says:

      Hi Dancan. Sorry for that. I handle so many requests in a given day. It’s hard for me to reply to all emails at once. That’s the reason I have not replied until now. Anyway, you can send a text message to my phone number. I will sort you out. Thanks

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  1. charles says:

    Good evening. I love your genuineness and from what i think is that you are in some serious business. kindly drop me a mail and we shall talk. Thank you


  2. Livoi Frank says:

    It is ok but my opinion is you should hook us up first then we pay. Paying is no problem for a serious guy.


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