The correct way to find a sugar mummy in Kenya

Dear Medina,

Every time I wake up and check my email, guys bombard me with messages asking me to be their savior, i.e help them find a sugar mummy.

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This is Nancy during a party in Kileleshwa

These emails keep flowing into my inbox to the point that they baffle my mind. It is surprising that most young men are looking for a way to lead an easy life.

However, regardless of the situation, I have come to learn that most Kenyan lads have no clue as to how to get a sugar mummy in Kenya.

For this reason, I have decided to lay my tips in black and white so all the young lads out there can learn how to genuinely find a sugar mummy.

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If you want something sort of a relationship with a sugar mom, then I advice you to read the rest of the article because it will give you a clue on what to do and what not to do when seeking older, wealthy women for a long-lasting sugar relationship.

These are my guidelines on how to get sugar mummy phone numbers and ultimately a hookup

Looking in the right and wrong places

I can authoritatively state that you will never find any sugar mama on Facebook. Call it a blanket judgement, but that’s the fact.

For all the fellows out there who manage to secure real sugar mummy numbers on Facebook, they must statistically be very few indeed, say 1 in a million.

So if you ever came across a Facebook page that asked for your money so they can hook you up, just dismiss them because they are con artists.

See how Shanice, an insurance firm lady asked me to find her a lad

Unlike men, mature women will never announce their intent to sleep with younger men. They always keep low profile, and this explains the reason why it is hard to find a sugar mummy.

The image you’re putting forth

Women are discreet and very conscious about what people say or think about them.

Women don’t like getting seen canoodling with lads or young men that are dressed like boys.

What I mean is that wearing skinny jeans, sagging or putting on bling will automatically disqualify you.

Just dress maturely and have a cologne for that matter. It will do you more good than harm when you go out looking for these women.

Your hangout locations

You obviously don’t expect to find one at ”Kwa Njuguna’s”, do you?

Okay, enough has been said concerning the best hangouts for finding sugar mummies.

Also, keep in mind that times have changed. The best sugar mummy hangout joints also change with time. What used to be a good joint 3 years ago is not a perfect joint today. So just walk around, whether you’re in Nairobi or Mombasa. Kibarua kwako.

Be well informed

The kind of ideologies that older women carry around is very weird. Men generally don’t care if the woman they have has nothing upstairs. But as for the older woman looking to play the sugar mummy role, trust me, they expect to have someone who is well opinionated and informed. So don’t waste your time working out those muscles while ignoring important matters.

Be honest

They can never afford to waste any minute talking nonsense with a lad.

These women just don’t play games. They live by the principles of honesty. They know honesty will weed out jokers and only land them serious lads.

So be straightforward. Act the role of a man even when she is older than you.

Don’t be too silly and drunk

Women beyond their 30s are mature and done with ratchetry. They will not participate in any form of ratchetry in a public place, trust me.

To cut this story short, no 30-something woman wants to be seen grinding and getting silly in a night club or anywhere in public. So if you are a silly drunk boy, you are alone my friend.


107 thoughts on “The correct way to find a sugar mummy in Kenya

  1. jidraph says:

    Am Jidraph 19 years looking for sugar mummy to do her part in my life and I will do mine in hers . am a discreet guy so don’t worry .pliz reply through e mail


  2. Damian Mwilu says:

    I like This page.its a sincere one.Am a man looking for a sincere who like less of nonsense..self driven.a décision maker.Am a feminist and so I would like her to feel free in expressing her opinion. I like cracking jokes…0716801996


  3. Caleb says:

    I am seriously looking for a sugar mummy who can take good care of me as i will do the same and trust me i have no time to joke so werever i am saing is true please


  4. ERIC AKOCHE says:

    Hello, I kind have liked the way u lay out the points on how to get a sugar lady and truely agree with u on that though am in uganda n searching for one whom I can spend most of ma life with and I don’t mind relocating to Kenya n start staying there with her, however if u can help mi get one then u can send me an e-mail on then I can get her ma number. thanks.


  5. kenneth says:

    Not a bad idea for an advise.But can I be helped in having one sugar mummy?. I say this coz it’s been on several occasions I being duped.


    • Admin says:

      Does this site look like it’s run by some con artists? I cannot stoop so low for Ksh1,000. In fact, I used to hookup people for free, then I realized I was doing kazi ya kanisa. It was just wasting my time, which is why am charging this service.


  6. Admin says:

    Hi guys, no sugar mummy numbers for free. If you want a sugar mummy, be ready to pay Ksh1,000, then we can talk. Otherwise, do not waste my time.


  7. Henry Macharia says:

    Hi. How can i get their phone number On Feb 24, 2016 7:32 PM, “Night Attendant” wrote:

    > Ken posted: “Dear Medina, Every time I wake up and check my email, guys > bombard me with messages asking me to be their savior, i.e help them find a > sugar mummy. These emails keep flowing into my inbox to the point that they > baffle my mind. It is surprising t” >


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