A Bank or A Brothel?

I have not been writing as frequently as I used to. The reason being; I spent the last few weeks digging into this blog’s stats, only to discover that some of you search for the strangest things on Google. A notorious man would look up for the term ”nyamavilla kayole prostitutes”. Another one would look for ”Adhiambo in Mombasa looking for a man” and so forth…

Okay, my story today will simply take a unique turn. So if you’ve been actively looking for answers to the above terms, I will talk about them some day later, and not in this post today.

You see, it’s Tuesday today. This fact is so difficult to recon, given that the week is still young, everything is slow and work is also boring. No problem…. I understand, which is why I’ll rewind things to Friday last week. It might make things better!!

Moving on…

I decided to accompany a friend to the bank on Friday noon. We were at KCB (Moi Avenue, or Ambassador branch) to be exact. I hope you can see how bored and jobless I was – helping a fellow to withdraw money from the bank. Anyway, this isn’t my point.

The point is, I am comfortably resting on the waiting seat inside the banking hall – anticipating that my friend would finish fast.

You see, inside the bank with no work to do, there isn’t much you can do, other than to chat on Whatsapp, or play games on your phone. But if your phone is out of power (like mine was), what else do you do? You start ogling at the big ass ladies swaying their curves and ass across the banking hall, or you dose off!

In a short span, boredom had caused me to go through the boring magazines and brochures about the latest KCB banking offers, about how you can win the latest BMW 316i, or about how you can save and win a million bob! Hahaha…… how do you convince a broke fellow like me!

Wait….. there were so many magazines here, and I had gone through them all. A young woman came to me thrice, and asked me if I had been assisted! Sounds like a brothel, you see?

In other words, there is a place where ladies assist people, and this place is at KCB Moi avenue. What if I ask her to accompany me home so that she can assist me in private? I have a lot of problems, and of course I need assistance from ladies always. Anyway, this isn’t my point.

Nairobi sex brothelsSo she went her own way, and I started dozing off on the bench. I was woken up by a tall chocolate lady, whose heels captured the attention of the whole banking hall.

I am not for chocolate colours, so I wasn’t interested in this one either!

Thing is, I don’t go for anything below 50 watts!

She was dressed in naked attire.

Her heels were so tall, the stature of a new pencil, pointed downwards!

She also had a pink dress on, so light that you could see through it very very well. This dress hang dangerously above her knees – it was a little bit short!

Worse thing is, I could see the kind of bra she was wearing due to the see-through effect!

Inside her, she had something that rode up all the way to her waist. It looked like a G-string, or a high waist pant!

And if am not wrong, you could even see the foot of her ass, i.e. that fold which separates the ass from the thigh. I know you know this area.

On her side, she was carrying a conspicuous leather handbag…. you know the ones that shout ”I will come back next week”.

She made everything come to a standstill. The cash-counting machine ceased rattling. The loudest phones…all QUIET! She had literally grabbed the branch Manager, his crew and customers by the balls! heheheeee! I hope you’re seeing how it’s rolling.

A string of events made me wide awake, like Katy Perry’s song – Wide Awake

I watched her make her way, swinging her hips and ass to the check deposit queue. Because the line was long, she posed like a photographer, removed her phone from her handbag and started punching on the touch screen.

Meanwhile, I was busy taking pictures with my naked eyes! Now I was beginning to like her, despite the fact that I never take anything below 50 watts!

She had this X-factor I cannot explain… as in, you know the kind of women who are not your type, but they have glamour or something that keeps you wanting them? X-factor is a name I give to such woman.

Okay, meanwhile, the bank was now recovering from the effects of this chocolate and almost naked woman. The men were still trying to steal glimpses. The old men were utterly shocked, but they were recovering as well!

Now the Next Part is This

Her phone began ringing. She had a gospel song by Jemimah Thiongo’ as her ringtone. Something went like ”Akisema atakubariki etc etc………

I couldn’t control my laughter, so I let it out, until a limping guard asked me to leave if I had nothing to do.


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  1. Charles says:

    Now my fellow kenyans how cam we stop it if the gov it’s self it is so hard for it to stop prostitute what about us?I my self I witness with my owm eyes there at nyama villa some of those girl who are ready to open there legs for fucked up trying to high juck some man but the plan went wrongly after the man slaped her,so please the gov help us to stop it coz some of the girls are school going


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