The Sugar Mummy Girl Child & Strange Boy

Somebody asked me about the easiest way to become rich.

Well, no millionaire is foolish enough to tell you all their secrets to how they made it. They simply say…. ”It’s complex business decisions” and that’s it.

I am not worth a million bob, but I will teach you how to make money without struggling. And please, don’t worry because my post is still on my topic of sugar mummies and the strange boy.

Step 1

Anyway, if you live in Eastlands, you know there’s a stage by that name in Komarock. So I want to make you see how this is related to making money…. this will be very crucial later on in the story.

Find an old rich woman

That is the only easiest way you can get free money if you’re a young man. But just know this – there’s no definite place where sugar mummies hang out. There’s no straight forward way to finding a big, old and rich mama in Nairobi.

Now, since you can’t wake up one day and go looking for such a mama, I want you to switch off the music, i.e. make it silent without lowering the volume, and pay attention!

The Scene

sugar mummy nairobiWe’re off from Step 1 in Komarock. I am in the company of a friend, and we’re headed to town at 8pm on a Wednesday. No one goes to town at this hour in the middle of the week, unless it’s extremely crucial to do that.

This matatu we’re riding on had to stop briefly near a petrol station in Donholm area. The reason is, the makanga was loading a very big sack of potatoes in the Boot.

And two human beings, a male and a female were busy sucking the hell out of each others’ faces at nightfall.

I was thinking the matatu would stop for a few minutes, but it seems the stop was prolonged a little bit…. The sack of potato was too heavy, plus the Makanga was doing two jobs – ogling and loading at the same time!

You see, I have no problem with two people making out. But this young man in official wear had his two hands under the old woman’s dress. The woman appeared to approach her 50s, so I assume she was the age of my mother!

Moving on!

She was wielding quite an ass, despite her age. A few girls in their 20s would dare compete with what I saw…. of course unless they were Vera Sidika, or Huddah Monroe.

The distance between her toes to her ass was food for everybody in the matatu, including the conductor who, by this time, had forgotten his job…. and the sack of potatoes didn’t fit in the boot anyway!

It was nightfall, and my half-blinded eyes could see the form of her white underwear. I also figured out that her thighs and legs were really dark, not the yellow yellow you’d expect.

That is fine!

This guy was shamelessly rolling up her dress, to the bra level…. I thought they were going to have sex any minute from then.

He was all over the woman, 4 minutes into the action. But funny thing is, the engine of the matatu had stalled, and no one noticed. On normal occasions, engines would stall, then passengers demand the Makanga a refund, and switch matatus. But this was different, a tad different!! I think it was the effect of free porn.

The duo were least bothered by the flickering Donholm lights at dusk. They least cared about their surroundings too.

4 minutes more into the scene, the matatu driver and the conductor were nowhere to be seen, while passengers still intact.

Tension rose, as the little skinny boy suddenly grabbed the old woman by her butts, and she let out a gentle mourned!

This man did the following 2 things:

Grab-squeeze-to the point of yanking it out!

He is a small vampire……i.e. he’s eating the old woman up! He is all over her neck. I see her head falling backwards in risky jolts.

You’d think she is possessed… because she is tightly grabbing the man’s shirt!

Then I moved my retina closely into the window to see more action. I believe in eating lots of vitamin A carrots, so even though am half-blind, it’s really going to be handy. I am hoping some miracle would happen, and maybe zoom my retina to defy all odds.

Then a pot-bellied Indian man came from nowhere and rebuked them in swahili……” enda lodging! Kumbaf nyinyi!”…. Imagine that statement in Indian accent! Hehehe!!

I think these remarks caught their attention… so they stopped the free porn. I saw the woman deep her hands into her handbag, fumbling for something she could not locate! If it was in a lodging, she would be looking for a condom! So I really have no idea…hehehe… please forgive me for not minding my own business!

Then she removed her purse, chucked out a few notes and handed them over to the skinny man in official clothes, whose shirt was now badly creased due to continuous grabbing and eating each other up!

The lover-boy whispered in swahili….”II peke yake, sweetheart wacha mchezo!”

”Iyo ni thau saba, nitakuongeza mbili tukiingia kwenye gari” the woman replied cunningly.

The two couples disappeared into the dark, because the crowds were gathering now. Apparently, I saw them getting into a taxi that was parked nearby.

Our matatu roared back to life, with both the driver and the conductor laughing while saying wonders will never cease in Nairobi.


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