Winnie*, The Nairobi Stripper Who Doesn’t Ask Money For Sex!

This post is probably going to be short, and straight to the point!

I will teach you about the great things that happen in Keekorok Road, along River Road! By any chance you know this place, just shut up and listen! If you don’t… well, I need you to just shut up!!

My dad traveled back from the ”Land of Opportunities” last week. He arrived on a Thursday, with a big black suitcase. In his hand, he was carrying a book named ”Whore Spirits”. He said he picked this book at Amsterdam, when he was boarding his flight back to Kenya.

I have no idea what ”MY DAD HAS BEEN UP TO LATELY”.

I read the first chapter and instead, it was introducing how to make it as a red light district worker in Amsterdam. At some point, the author also talked about how to become a bank robber, and how looking good was helpful in both careers… becoming a prostitute and a bank robber, plus how the two jobs connected!

But this is not my story today. So let me fast-forward this to my next chapter.

I was thinking……… maybe we move to Lidos club.

Let’s move there at dusk, on a Friday… say around 8pm. Good kids must be asleep at this hour, I suppose!

For those who have hit the drinking/smoking age bracket, lets go together!

River road is Nairobi’s sin city. It’s laden with street hookers looking for money in exchange for a quickie session. College girls are also out in the dark, looking for some quick money, and a sweet ride home, may be. River road is not very far from the main CBD area marked by the sky crappers of Nairobi. I also learned that downtown girls don’t wear panties (I will soon write a post on this).

So I take a turn along the orange-lit micro-streets of Nairobi. You can call it River road, Luthuli avenue, Gaberone Road etc…. I am ignorantly headed for Lidos club. I am in a brown coat, a black khaki trouser and a white shirt. My shoes are leather boots. You can see your reflection on them because of the Kiwi effect.

Moving Forward…

Three girls are standing on the entrance of Lidos club. Two of them are wearing black leather boots (with fish nets, riding all the way up their thighs. They are in tight mini skirts, and their skin tone is yellow yellow, except their third colleague, who is chocolate-brown in colour… which is also fine!

Their lips are all red. I posed for a moment and thought they had dipped their lips on blood!

Lidos club has winding, tiring and unending stairs that lead sex-hungry souls up into the floors. This is where I meet another group of not-so-decent human forms. I can feel the impact of their booties and itchy fingers, which by the way, am least bothered with.

On the doorway, I notice a flashing ”WELCOME TO LIDOS CLUB” neon sign. For a moment, I read the words deep in my conscience, so they read something like… ”Welcome to sin city, or Sodom and Gomorrah of Nairobi. I swear!

”Hi, tonight, you’ll be treated to the show of your life!!”, goes a soft voice from a slim, but smartly-dressed woman. The word ”smart” here doesn’t mean half-naked! I am using this word to mean she was in Lidos uniform.

I am now entering the space….. Be Warned, stop reading if you are not 21 years of age.

The Scene!

The air is stale because people are smoking tobacco and shisha. The smoke is blinding and unkind to the nose, but not so uncomfortable to drive you out of the clubbing hall. Again, you must be here if you want more public sex and girls leaking out other girls. It’s sin in its illicit form.

lidos club river roadI was met by a ”naked” waiter, seated on my lap, and introducing herself as Winnie… and suggestively reaffirming that she will be my waiter tonight.

Then she walked away stealthily, shaking her ass in a left right sway. She also has a walking style to drool about!

As I wait for Winnie to show up with my drinks, I turn my head and set my focus on a threesome, puffing smoke into the air, getting ready for a show! This is what I figured.

I am seated with two strange men on the same location… they also came to experience the greatest night in their lives. Across the hall… a distance not very far from where I am seated, a young woman is craving for my attention as she gulps down a bottle of Guinness. She has like 4 in front of her, and they are all sealed…. This is to say she is a fuel guzzler in form of a human being!

Action is back-to-back here, as the young ladies share drugs on a syringe before heading to the stage.

Just before I figure out what’s contained in the syringe, Winnie returns with my order on a round tray.

This time, she was modest. She didn’t seat on my lap either, but pulled a chair, leaned close to me and pushed forward her firm C-size breast.

P.S I will tell you some more about Winnie. For now, just know that she takes guests to her well-furnished home in South B. But in the morning, she doesn’t ask clients for money. She hatches her plans in River Road, then executes them in her bedroom.

That is my story.


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