Lady In Red

Is anyone still here?

Well, I am going to tell you another story of what went down inside a matatu on a rainy Friday.  I hope this post builds up the way it should, because you ought to see things as they are! I don’t want you to miss a bit of this.

Now let me build the scene for you

A few weeks ago, it rained ancestors and descendants, when the weather man decided to stop the rains, or rather, predict that the rains would come to an end during the weekends.

Nairobi was a wet mess, and every time this happened, it definitely ended up in sex!

Moving on speedily…

Wore unto you if you remained lonely throughout the season. This particular weather made men and women do peculiar things, and it was completely understandable.

Be advised that you shouldn’t scratch your head, wondering how this relates to a matatu ride, or the title of this post. In some shocking ways, it does. I will introduce you shortly….


This journey, like it has always done, begun at city center – somewhere near Tusky’s beba beba. Destination was home – I hope you see where I live.

My trench coat was cold and wet. There was no indication that it would stop dripping water, plus I didn’t know how I was going to have it on inside the van. The best thing is that I know how to solve problems in good time. So I did the following:

I sat on the best seat, where a woman (probably in her 30s) was seated next to the driver. This is to say that she was already occupying the middle hot seat, the one directly on top of the furnace!

By the way, I hate this seat because it fries my butts with engine heat and oil!  I didn’t understand how the hell this woman would survive!

Anyway… This is a TRUE STORY.

lady in red nairobiAt 30, it is evident on most women’s faces that they are asking the question of ”what did I do wrong?” And when they are 35 plus, they still ask themselves the same question over and over.

Now, this woman was putting on a red dress, sewn with t-shirt material!! You know how a t-shirt behaves under rainy conditions? I will tell you… that is not my story today.

This kind of dress is revealing, but a hawk-eyed fellow still can’t make out the content of the woman’s inside, unless it’s raining. It flows freely to her ankles.

This is the only time when rain is good!

As it is, she was rained on, so the linings of her underwear were visible enough!

I am not talking of her underpants… so stop getting excited here!!

(I told you I wanted you to see it as it was. So stop filling your mind with what I have not told you!!)

The underwear am talking about here is that which covers her breast! I loved the rain because it had made the material of her red dress look so clear, deep within. The white bow between her double C cups were visible enough! I was slowly achieving erection!

When I saw the pointed curves, I figured out from this intel that she had not given birth at any point in her life. The two tits were pointing straight at the windshield of the van.

Be advised… this woman is extremely pretty!

In fact, she is prettier than what she is about to do!

She fished out a novel from her brown leather handbag. I think it was a serious book, not a story novel… so she was literate, and that was very good. She was skimming through the pages really fast. I don’t have such speeds when reading books by the way.


We are still in the City, and the traffic is really tight. In such cases, I fall asleep when am not reading what others are saying on short message service!

I fell asleep




Only to wake up to a soft moan. When I opened my eyes, I was 100% sure that this moan didn’t come from my dreams.

My first instinct directed me to the lady in red. The soft moan was the voice of a female  soul, and she was not reading… and the book had dropped carelessly to the floor of the vehicle. Her mind was definitely set on something else.

My eyes met with the flesh of her thighs. Her long red dress, which initially touched her ankles, was now resting dangerously on the upper level of her two knees! This scene made me think she was scratching her thighs… which pretty much resembled what she was actually doing!


Her brown leather handbag was resting on top of her lap. Her right feet was weirdly misplaced, resting on the driver’s space!

All this time, the driver was using his one hand on the steer wheel. It didn’t hit me where his left hand was, or may be it did and I assumed. This issue only made sense to me when a DHL truck swerved its long tail dangerously, almost hitting us. That is when he removed his left hand from where it was resting to save the day!

I saw the driver of the DHL truck show this matatu driver his ”Fuck You” finger unprofessionally. Then he retaliated with a ”Ng’ombe wewe”  insult, to mean ”you’re a Cow!”

His hand moved with speed from under this woman’s dress, thereby tossing her handbag to my side in the process!

The woman moaned because the driver had suddenly removed his hand from where it was resting between her thighs!!  She didn’t want this hand to come out, though it was necessary at this point, or else, we all die.

I alighted at the same stage with her. I walked behind her pretty slowly, admiring her curves. I didn’t want to let her disappear out of my site.

P.S Some of you were waiting with bated breath to hear what was going to happen.

Please, go back to what you were doing before you read this post.