Nosy Eyes!!

Dear Medina,

If only had this electricity spared me, i would have posted this letter long time ago. Be advised that I was up at 2am last night, re-doing this work because it had varnished with the blackout.

Right now, tears are running down my cheeks profusely. But never mind… nothing’s wrong. Thing is, I am just from watching this movie – WAR HORSE, and the scenes were so emotional shattering! I was thinking it was going to be a bogus movie….like the ones where horses run around in battles, with men carrying swords and shields… I am not a fun of epic movies though..

But let me tell you… this letter was never wrote to talk about horses and men with swords!

Instead…my love

What I am writing is about a BAD HABIT that is slowly talking my young and innocent heart…. I am not TOUCHING MYSELF!! So stop thinking in that direction!


Now let me create a scene for you

I take lots of matatus. The higher side is 5 matatus per day…. the lower side is at least 2 matatus. That’s ALOT… I think!

Usually, nothing is as boring as a matatu ride, especially if you are a man of my height. I had someone say that all routes damp their old matatus to our route. As it is, most of them are a bunch of old rickety cans for means of transport to and from town!!

Do you know that there’s absolutely nothing you can do inside a matatu? If you’re lucky… then say you might spot a yellow yellow padded woman through the window… but then you satisfy your lusty eyes by a second or two..

And in the event that you are extremely lucky, then a beautiful thing will be seated right next to you!!

Now, the thing is… your fate is in your own hands at this point. You either choose to sweat out your balls, or you choose to lie to this woman, all the way, until she gives you her phone number… which you might never use anyway!

To ward off boredom, I terrible habit crawled into me. I read people’s text messages as they write them, seated next to me. I love reading texts messages especially if it’s a woman writing them!

Since I began this habit, I have had a fair share of all types of conversations. I have seen apologies… ”We need to F* tonight… I miss you”.. to ”let’s make up… if you’re not home by 8, don’t bother asking for food” text messages!

Trust me, every time I get into a Matatu, this is what I do out of boredom. I am not a bad kid though, I only blame boredom for my predicament!


Now listen… this was a very special scene!!


womanThis cute woman with hazel eyes, slender in body form, gets in and sits next to me. She is yellow and padded. She has sharp features on her face… but the cutest I have ever seen. She’s wearing a san merino blue dress, with a hint of yellow flowers all over.

She smells like starsoft! And Her braids are thick, long, lustrous and curly! They gently fall behind her head and neck, like soft mane.

On her feet, she’s putting on the type of shoes some Nairobians call ”condom shoes”. They have holes everywhere, and they are bought from Bata…. I think I have ever seen one of those in the newspaper ads! But they never used the words.. ”condom shoes” though.

Okay, moving on!!

She had the ability to arrest all my 6 senses. I find myself concentrating in nothing else, until she unzips her handbag to locate her ringing phone!! She responds with a greeting in French…. Though it’s clear that she is a Wanjiku or a Wairimu.

Then she begins texting as soon as the conversation is over.

The thread

Man X: Swry… I am sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Her: U say that every time it happens!

Man X: I know… I messed up.. u deserve the best!!!

Her: U stabbed me too deep… I am not sure if we can continue going on this way.

Max X: U saying we’re breaking up???


P.S If a man jumps into such a conclusion, he probably wants a break up, it’s just that he doesn’t have the guts to tell you on the face. Instead, he invites you to do it for him.

Her: Will u give me a single reason… not to?

This was the last conversation I ever saw before she alighted at the next stage.


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