Dear Lovely Medina

Let me tell you one thing……you keep me sending letters by every time your thought comes to my mind.

I keep coughing despite taking two tablespoons of cough sirup a day before. But am now fine… not be alarmed!!

I salute you if you live in Nairobi….most importantly, if you use buses and matatus to and from work. There’s always a long traffic chain on most roads coming from town. And if it rains, fairs have to be hiked….and…well, no matatus and buses at this time!

Now, let me jump to the juice of the story!

I left office at 6:20 in the evening, i think it was on a Friday……I also remember that it was pouring descendants and disciplines. It would be wiser to delay a bit so that everything cools down. It’s like a demon had forcibly ejected me out of the office at that time, despite the odds!

The downpour is so heavy that i have no idea when it will stop. Am determined to reach the stage…….well, a very crowed stage during such occasions.

Now am at the stage!

A full bus comes along….and the conductor is insisting on taking more passengers….some guys are almost falling off the door….the only barrier between death and these guys is the makanga himself.

”Gari mia….gari mia……” shouts this makanga, who is now hanging carelessly on the doorstep of the heavy laden bus….almost toppling on one side due to overworked suspensions. And please…..let me tell you something….i will not talk about bus suspensions today, i just wanted to use that word…..”suspension”. Haha…am now happy!!

Moving on to the heart of the matters!

I get into the bus… would seem like this was the very last bus en route. It is now 30 minutes and the damn thing hasn’t moved an inch. I glance through the left window and all i can see is the same mpesa neon sign glittering….the same mpesa shop…where i had befriended an mpesa lady who quit working there almost 2 months ago.

Anyway, now am standing at the center of a ”Rukagina” SACCO bus!!…..understand that tongue twisters are never my things…! I just pray that i got this one right!!

Moving on……

All windows are tightly shut….and people are smelling like rotten moisture. I also suspect that someone let out a silent fart minutes ago… the inside of the bus is now smelling like Ebola, Tuberculosis…you name it!

No one seems to care, except me!!

Okay, this time, am holding on to the long metal rail inside ”Rukagina” bus…just like everyone else standing!!

This is a situation where we are packed so tight against each other, like biscuits inside their packaging……am standing in front of a woman wearing office suite and there’s barely any space between us.

I can feel her heart pumping right behind my back, and her bushy weave keeps crawling on the exposed flesh of the areas around my neck….i occasionally grab her hair strands and she says……sorry!

Now let me explain to you this scenario!!

Other two young women are standing in front of me…….i think they had no whiff of wit!! You see, they went on – laughing randomly at everything that comes their way. This kind of laughter makes me believe that they are living a purposeless life…i just think!

Behind the woman standing behind me…..there’s a short stature man, with unbuttoned shirt, wearing a faded gold chain. I hope you’re getting this….

The bus is speeding down the long stretch….i guess we’re somewhere near Utalii college.

woman 5This is where the drama begins!!

The man appears to be shorter than the woman standing in front of him. I look at him occasionally with the corner of my eye….and sometimes the height of the woman makes him barely visible behind her.

The driver keeps braking, so in the process, we all rub against each other.

Then the woman suddenly shouted in Kikuyu language….

I don’t know what she was protesting about…though guys started laughing.

The short man was rubbing against the woman’s behind even when the bus had come to a complete stand-still. The woman looked back at him….and well, he smiled at her to confirm his behavior….and that’s when the woman shouted in Kikuyu….i guess it was at this point.

The man had an erection, and there was no doubt about it!! It had now attracted the attention of the whole bus.

I don’t know what must have happened, because i got off the bus right in the heat of the arguement. The woman was shouting now in Swahili…of cause with the backup of other passengers….”Unataka kunimwagia kwenye skirt…….”

I didn’t witness the rest of the drama. I got off the bus when the makanga announced my stage!!

P.S Thank you for reading the entire post to the very bottom of this page. Love you all


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