A Second Agenda In A Whore’s Brothel!!

My job has switched angles lately, and i feel am being subjected to hell on earth experience. If i should make money this way, i would rather do something else!

I quit my previous job because of the same reasons, and now am a supplier working under EABL…..I thought it would be so rosy with the good salary, but things are becoming topsy turvy. I should keep a diary on this.

I have secured 10 pubs in town, mostly in downtown Nairobi-that is where i find loyal customers. My boss is piling pressure on me to add 5 more bars to boost my supply chain. 9 of the bars i supply beer to are brothels…..I have never had a problem with that, they make up part of the wider prospects i target, so i think!

Last week i was on leave, so i decided to visit my clients, now as their customer instead of their supplier. I drink at my free time when am not at work-inside one of the bars i supply beer with. I am a common face here, you’d mistake me for a male whore…..for i spend most of my days inside bars, doing my job, and also interacting with girls….you know i occasionally exchange a few pleasantries with them, but they take jokes too far.

”Leo hauendi shot?” One of them would ask whenever i appear to be in a hurry. I am a frequent supplier here, but for some reasons, they love to fool with me, and occasionally they give me a free blow job! They say my face is attractive, and my charm is gloriously irresistible. So i always get small favours here and there, you know!

Now let me tell you!

I have heard that fucking, or rather having sex on the job, brings bad omen or poor luck, so i never attempt to do so…..blow job is just enough. It might cost me if at all it’s true. I don’t want to take my luck too far…..i have bills to pay…….and a 120 years old grandmother to support…..and school fees to pay for a child i had sired with another woman, here in Nairobi. This is the topmost secret i have ever kept from Medina and others who might snitch me…..am going with it to the grave…yard!

It is on a Friday, say 3pm. I don’t like striking business deals and still ending up in contemptible futility. I love to expand my territory, financial wise. But, going beyond 10, that’s a lot of work for me, i think. Am not going to tell me boss, lest he fires me.

I shall preserve my brothels without adding more. He’s realized that am good at sales and marketing…..of course i use my attractive countenance to woo unsuspecting female prospects who own these brothels…..yeah, they are managers, bosses, proprietors here, just for your information!

Occasionally, i approach and flirt with them. Most of them are Kenyans by birth-i mean they come from central, so doing business with them is not as tough as my fathers and mothers from the other side of the country.

Now i have a plan B ladies and gentlemen!

Besides beer, i can supply condoms too, since i know where to buy them for cheap. I think my boss will never find out. A spoilt brat can only grow into a worse whore…..they told me i can give them the condoms for free in exchange for a one HOT FUCK! They think i love sex more than money. I shall do business, but not this way.

I know traffic is crazy here, especially on Fridays and Weekends. The rooms are fully-packed with clients while others queuing for their respective turns. The problem is; they are using defaced free government condoms that look like Methusela infected with Ebola fever! This is not a wise move if you’re going to achieve orgasm in between a whore’s legs.

Anyway, i shall sweet-talk the bartender at the counter to connect me with the manager. A lot of guys who shop for sex here don’t carry their own, yet the idea of using free latex always sucks! Obviously the government has good intentions to distribute them for free……i hear greasy stuff used to lubricate them is not healthy, some men are ”mentally allergic” to them.

”If they cannot pick them at the supermarket counter, i will bring some nicely flavored ones to them, at a minimalist cost,” so i think!

Okay, the barmaid at the counter manages to hook me up with the manager of the pub. This is what i plan to do with the rest of the 9 pubs i supply beer with…..i have excluded Sabina Joy for some notorious reasons. I am a strong child, but my ways have only been inspired by the City’s unforgiving life.

I don’t wink, even for a second, when you talk about my line of work. But am certainly most fragile in other areas….never mind.

I shall call the manager and talk her into the deal. I only know she’s a single lady, who kicked her husband’s ass out of their matrimonial home…..when he refused to find a job, and when he refused to become a responsible father.

What am selling is HOT CAKE now! I don’t want to subject my fellow men to the anguish of torn condom inside a whore’s genital parts. And it is not so professional for this to happen between a hooker and their client…..i here it is so rare, like a policeman falling by a thug’s bullet!

P.S I will keep you posted on my next business move…………….