My Photo Shoot Sessions With Randy Women Twice My Age

medinaFor some reasons, i am convinced that every man should invest in a good smartphone, and am particular about camera pixel and video capabilities. In my experience, a man’s movement is not to be defined, which is why many women say we’re unpredictable, canning and even deceitful….which i agree with.

What are you doing locked up in a dingy room with a whore who looks twice the age of your mother? I have seen some of my male ”colleagues” do this when they are high, something they wouldn’t dream of when in a sober state of mind.

I have also personally been tempted to do this, because of the rumors that keep going round about how old fat mamas are good in handling small boys like us in bed. Of course it’s by the influence of the people i surround myself with……i know the Holy book said that bad company ruin good morals…. But for all i care, am not backing off from this squad any time soon, until i give my life to Christ someday.

If you check my pocket at any one time, you’ll come across my costly gadget, which i always handle with much care whenever i visit these places. Of course my wallet sponsors my rendezvous, and my smartphone captures secret videos which i might sell for a tidy some of money.

My buddies told me that other than the awesome sexual experience they get from old mamas, most of the women they sleep with never mind about their photos being taken, provided they don’t show their faces on camera. Trust me, i have attempted to take nude photos of ladies my age, and my efforts have never been successful. I get a rude answer whenever i ask for permission to take a shot.

I must confess that i still can’t measure equally to people like Muhammed Ali or Alan Namu, for reasons that have to do with experience in photography, time and resources. But i have always been interested in ”secret photography” where it concerns nudity. These women have interacted with us in our most naked form, and so i always believe that it’s our right to let us capture their photos and have fun with them. I have never attempted masturbation though, and am not willing to do that even for a million bob.

In recent weeks, i have been busy working on a project that exclusively involves old mamas. They never give me a hell of time whenever am interested in their bodies, which is why Me and my buddies are hooked up to them.

My approach is very simple when dealing with women of this age. They don’t necessarily have to be hookers for me to hit their ”cookie jars”. They don’t take me round and round like most girls my age do…..which is an added benefit when you learn to throw vibes at them. Only they pretend to ask…….”si wewe ni mdogo sana, utaweza?”…meaning you are too young, will you managed?

Of course i always brush aside such questions because they interfere with my sensitive ego. I never want women to make me feel belittled where my sexuality is concerned. So at this point, all i beg for is their contact. Sometimes they resist, but eventually give in after a few nagging.

I derive the most pleasure when i take their naked pictures with my phone. But for privacy and security reasons, they never allow me to take their faces. I don’t know how am supposed to relate a sexy body to a missing face…..or should i leave this to my imaginations whenever i play the JPEG photos on my TV?

I don’t intend to leak their photos over the web. Some of them are popular phases in Nairobi, and it would be the worst form of injustice to do this. So i keep them to myself