My 20-Something Bend-Over Madness Is Not Just A Dancing Style!!

We’d really love to think that the 21st century generation consists of an entirely new breed of women. But as far as i know, bending-over to reveal one’s entire butts is not a new phenomenon. I guess it’s for the same reasons that Sodom and Gomorah were brought down mercilessly (though Nairobi should not burn anytime soon, so no cause of alarm!).

Well, we all have scientific reasons to act the way we do when it comes to our sexuality. So until research proves us wrong, don’t start calling them names because most of the behaviors we’ve seen in Nairobi (and elsewhere) have been studied on animals too.

This female ”bend-over” species we’re seeing today could have a very interesting scientific approach. You see, Nairobi culture demands that night clubs become a place where ladies can dance in any style they want.

But there’s a possibility that bend-over could be a move to impress male revelers in the same dancing hall. Of course Science says that females are very selective when it comes to selecting their mates. Now, by understanding these facts, you’ll know the difference……..

What’s the scientific explanation behind this dancing style?

I have taken special interest in this dancing style for a long time now, so i thought it was time i researched about it to settle my curiosity once and for all. But you won’t believe what i came across.

Scientists who have studied sexual behaviour in mammals discovered a trait called Mammalian Lordosis. In medical terms, this scientific phase meals aching in the back. However, in sexual terms, it literally means preparing for a mating session, and scientists have observed it in human beings, cats, mice and so forth……a behavior shown by females by assuming a mating position.

So when i read this, i decided to dig deeper to find out more about it. Thank God, ”Wikipedia bendover” has never failed me. It described Lordosis as a behaviour shown be females just before mating can take place.  Females typically raise their backside and curve their spine in readiness for a steamy session with their male counterparts.

Why does bend-over occur during entertainment sessions and not at any other time?

In women, there’s a hormone called estrogen. Estrogen is released during heat period, and not at any other time. So you could be seated somewhere in a pub, taking a cold beer, while a cute woman is busy doing the bend-over style, hoping to attract your attention, or that of someone else…..only she knows best.

During this time, pulses are sent from the brain to influence this ”dancing style”, which is why scientists call it ”attractive copulatory behaviour”. Notice the word ”attractive”. It’s meant to attract the opposite sex.

So, are women using bend-over as a way of wooing their male counterparts at entertainment Joints? They certainly know best, but science has exposed it all.