4 Stupid Questions You Should Never Ask A Woman

Honestly, there are questions that men insist asking and women find them plain stupid. I don’t know whether or not men realize just how irrelevant women find these questions.

After reading this article, I hope men will start seeing just how irritating or irrelevant some of their questions are to women:

1 Why are you wearing makeup?

It’s a fact that women wear make up because they want to spice up their looks. A misconception has been going round that women who apply makeup believe they are ugly. But that’s not always true. Many women are born to be naturally beautiful, but they still apply eye shadows and everything else.

In short, men must realize that the above question is just too irrelevant to the modern woman.

2 When are you coming over?

Men generally want a woman to go to their place, may be to catch a movie or something. But trust me, this is usually one grain in the vast ocean.

When you ask a woman such a question, she’ll definitely know that you want to hit the cookie jar. In fact, 90% of men aim at the cookie jar when they have intentions of inviting a lady into their crib. There’s no doubt about it.

Advice: You want Sex?? Breathe in and out, then courageously ask for it. There’s no rocket science here.

3 Why do you own so many clothes

It’s an in-born thing with women. I don’t know of any woman who has few clothes–like you can count what she wears throughout the week.

And because it’s in-born, men will never understand the love affair of women with clothes. If you are a man, don’t ask this question again, especially if you don’t contribute towards buying them.

4 Am I in the friend-zone?

If you have to ask this question as a man, then just know that you’re in that zone. The lady has been giving you hints left, right and center yet you are just too busy obsessing over her. Sort yourself out dude, it’s too late.